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#207 Rich Text Editor broken in Firefox alex defect high Widgets
#209 placekeeper: implement durable storage API for Dojo alex enhancement high General
#219 Editor save button, color picker deficiencies alex defect high 1.1 Editor
#220 IFrameTransport doesn't call load/handler/error in IE alex defect high General
#233 Dojo does not play well with TinyMCE editor alex defect high Core
#239 widgets provide no way through markup pass in to override their css alex defect high General
#245 iframe_history.html doesn't validate. alex defect high General
#257 dojo causes IE close problem when page contains a combo box alex defect high Widgets
#266 FisheyeListItem onClcik event does not provide the widgetId at all. alex defect high General
#274 package system and xhtml documents alex defect high General
#276 RichText should offer an option to set focus onLoad alex defect high Widgets
#277 FloatingPane+descendants doesnt work in khtml alex defect high Widgets
#279 template files should check for <?xml and strip out to support svg template files alex defect high General
#280 Add tolerance to DnD alex defect high General
#290 onunload doesn't work with connect alex defect high Core
#299 Allow topic subscribers to get an event pre-subscription alex enhancement high Events
#303 event.connectBefore apparent bug alex defect high Core
#307 Widgets not displaying in Safari alex defect high Core
#324 [patch][need cla] Using Dojo in a XUL page fails to locate last script element alex defect high General
#325 Using Dojo in a XUL page fails to write hidden <iframe> alex defect high General
#331 fix some links pointing to bug tracker and svn alex defect high Website
#332 CiviDatePicker broken alex defect high Widgets
#354 Dojo Jot Wiki is filled with spam alex defect high Doc parser
#357 Relax relative URL requirement for dojo.hostenv.loadPath(...) alex enhancement high Core
#369 TabPane firing show/hide several times during selection action alex defect high Widgets
#376 Textarea Rich Text Editor doesn't work in Safari alex defect high 0.9 Editor
#377 Rich Text Editing with a textarea field doesn't work in Safari alex defect high 0.9 Dijit - Form
#381 Enhance to execute embedded and linked script files alex enhancement high General
#420 InlineEditBox: Timeing problem on FF prevents showing caret in textarea mode alex defect high General
#421 dojo.render.env is empty string alex defect high General
#439 [patch] Code refactoring for generic back/forward support alex enhancement high Core
#442 extraArgs is broken because of case differences between IE, FF and Opera alex defect high Widgets
#453 Building profile with dojo.provide(<variable>); alex defect high 0.9 BuildTools
#459 Error in dojo.string.has(...) alex defect high Core
#469 Events bug alex defect high Core
#476 Allow for custom DataProviders for ComboBox alex enhancement high Widgets
#483 Fixes to drag-and-drop (DnD) offset problems alex enhancement high General
#502 Editor: Focus not set (can not type) after switching on/off bullet list (IE only) alex defect high Widgets
#503 Incorrect content type in JsonService alex defect high Core
#521 event system should support multi-connection similar to YUI's array syntax alex enhancement high Core
#532 Editor not working with IE / High Security Level (ActiveX disabled) alex defect blocker Widgets
#537 Menu2 not always working in IE alex defect high Widgets
#541 dojo.event.topic: add method to delete a topic alex enhancement high Core
#565 bug & fix - custom templatePath attribute not processed properly by DomWidget.js (current trunk version 3375) alex defect high Widgets
#568 - an array for a parameter in content object should send multiple name-value pairs for the parameter alex defect high Core
#571 IframeIO does not work with Opera 8.52 alex defect high Core
#575 [CLA] [fix provided] IE's responseXML (which gets called by does not really return xml doc when mimetype = "text/xml" and content-type != "text/xml" alex defect low 0.9 Core
#578 events weird behavior alex defect high Core
#584 problem generating compress dojo.js alex defect high General
#610 io.bind should support all HTTP Methods for REST API's alex defect high 0.9 IO
#611 ShrinkSafe breaks prototype.js alex defect high 0.9 BuildTools
#613 request: dojoAttachPoint should have currentPoint method alex enhancement high 0.9 Dijit
#630 disabled checkbox widget can be modified alex defect high Widgets
#634 Removing last node from Tree alex defect high Core
#635 Create dojo.addOnUnload method alex task high Core
#650 How to make rich text editor, only formatable, and not editable alex enhancement blocker Widgets
#659 event.disconnect on a plain function doent work alex defect low Core
#667 dojo publish and subscribe functions alex enhancement high Core
#669 Rhino compression patch alex enhancement high BuildTools
#686 build system should respect per-file copyright notices alex defect high BuildTools
#687 Combo Box scrolling behavior is irratic alex defect high Widgets
#693 Issue with dojo.event.connect ordering of method calls alex defect high General
#694 Mouse move error in tests/event/test_rate_limited_events.html alex defect high 0.9 Events
#695 dojo.event.connect doesn't accept the following parameters: 'around', object, methodName, function alex enhancement high 1.0 Events
#718 spurious event errors on IE7 alex defect high General
#756 A fix and and an enhancement for dojo.dom alex enhancement high General
#760 combo box typo alex defect high Widgets
#761 CivCrm extraneous variable alex defect high Widgets
#762 Safari 2.0: secondary layer of text appears in RichText widget when typing from most-left position alex defect high 0.9 Dijit
#763 RichText typo alex defect high Widgets
#765 scope bug or typo in Toolbar alex defect high Widgets
#777 Dojo not thread safe alex defect high 0.9 lfx
#786 dojo.event.connect not showing onbeforeunload prompt alex defect high 0.9 Events
#789 hostenv_rhino.js not loaded in time for packaged dojo builds alex defect high TestFramework
#791 dojo.event.connect supporting array of target functions alex enhancement low 0.9 Events
#806 file:// url's fail on ie 5.5 (xmlhttprequest incompatibility) alex defect high Core
#811 djConfig.baseScriptUri.length alex defect blocker General
#819 Calling 'disable()' has no effect on InlineEditBox. alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#823 Protect against exceptions in dojo.event.topic.publish() alex enhancement high General
#829 IE error adding after advice to a node's appendChild() function alex defect high 0.9 Events
#849 [release testing] ensure that command-line unit tests have no failures alex defect high General
#852 Rich Text Editor Widget - using widget inside of an html textarea doesn't have scrollbar functionality alex defect high Widgets
#878 Remove dojo.event dependency from dojo.lfx.* alex defect high General
#903 Array object incompatibility with Prototype 1.5.0 rc0 alex defect high General
#930 Editor2: toolbar doesn't disappear when editor goes off screen (IE) alex defect high General
#955 Editor2 remaining work w/toolbar alex task high Widgets
#967 widget/RichText.js - document.write unnecessarily wipes page alex defect high Widgets
#1041 General Widget Memory Leak alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1059 RichText can't be dragged alex defect high Dijit
#1071 IE clobber fails with cross-domain frames alex defect high General
#1117 BrowserIO.js handles text/json incorrectly alex defect high 1.0 IO
#1118 inefficient comment stripping in buildUtil.js alex defect high 0.9 BuildSystem
#1124 "Maximum call stack size exceeded" error on Safari 2.0.4 & Dojo 0.3.1 alex defect high 0.9 Parser
#1168 Editor/Editor2 hangs Safari alex defect high 0.9 Dijit
#1191 Mixed content error in html/common.js alex defect high 0.9 General
#1202 DeferredList alex enhancement high General
#1205 memory in DomWidget related to event (0.3.1, Firefox 1.5) alex defect high Events
#1259 ShrinkSafe: forward reference problem (plugin.js broken) alex defect high 0.9 General
#1266 ComboBox: Dropdown re-opens on keyboard selection alex defect high Widgets
#1278 Node editor doesn't receive focus alex defect high Widgets
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