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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#116 Bad print layout for documents in homepage david defect low Doc parser
#118 package system is throwing error warnings alex defect high BuildTools
#124 '+' isn't properly escaped for bind requests david defect high General
#127 the Editor component does not present editable content in Safari david defect high Widgets
#131 Iframe with mimetype text/plain does not return data James Burke defect high General
#132 regression with mimetype of text/javascript david defect blocker Core
#135 dojo widgets within dojo container widgets render inside each other anonymous defect high Widgets
#136 Need reST documenation template alex defect high Doc parser
#137 Can't build from a profile file outside of buildscripts/profiles/ Alex defect high BuildTools
#138 forms (still) don't correctly get their items included when submitted via david defect high General
#139 richtexteditor dosent work in konqueror 3.4 anonymous defect lowest Widgets
#140 Compressor doesn't handle variable replacement for eval() method anonymous defect high BuildTools
#141 Slideshow demo breaks when you click too many times david defect low Widgets
#143 package builds should reflect the profile name James Burke defect high General
#144 slideshow widget breaks when using compression system inside setOpacity method [email protected] defect high General
#146 Compressor does not handle nested functions with identical parameter names correctly anonymous defect high BuildTools
#149 Code comments say not to invoke methods on dojo.hostenv, but dojo.hostenv.setModulePrefix is not aliased alex defect high General
#152 [patch] obvious typo in dialog.js anonymous defect high Widgets
#153 [patch] fix for sjmiles defect high Core
#155 [patch] fish eye widget fixed for Opera 8.50 anonymous defect high Widgets
#161 FloatingPane widget should use the Drag and Drop system's event hooks to handle movement cal defect high Widgets
#162 [patch] Dialog widget doesn't work when page margins are not specified in pixels alex defect high Widgets
#163 Underlying listboxes are rendered on top of dialog widget anonymous defect high Widgets
#165 Dialog widget places form dialog outside visibale area in konqueror david defect high General
#166 [patch] HtmlComboBox - comboBoxValue not being populated. alex defect high Widgets
#169 dojo.profile fails to load when debugAtAllCosts is true alex defect high General
#172 split pane: store paneSplitter position in cookie anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#173 moving the splitters in the split pane does off things with borders bill defect high Widgets
#174 all dojoAttachPoint to point to an array anonymous enhancement high Widgets
#177 custom_rhino.jar can get tripped up by extraneous variable declarations alex defect high General
#178 testcase for menu doesnt autoinclude templateCssPath file in khtml3.4.3 anonymous defect high TestFramework
#180 Contextmenu cant be attached to specific nodes and it doesnt work in Konqueror anonymous defect high Widgets
#184 [patch] POST multipart is added to BrowserIO.js anonymous defect high Core
#185 dojo.hostenv.writeIncludes doesn't seem to work for the dojo+ajax build alex defect high General
#186 found bug in dojo.dnd.HtmlDragManager, fix included anonymous defect high General
#187 dojo.xml.Parse().parseElement() fails when directly parsing an inline constructor node dylan defect high General
#191 dojo needs a datagrid widget alex enhancement high Widgets
#192 Event system docs sample code alex defect blocker Doc parser
#193 intern-strings does't work for templatePath : ... as per widgethtmlButton.js alex defect high General
#195 Minimal profile build is broken alex defect high BuildTools
#196 io.bind error callback bug anonymous defect high General
#202 [patch] Allow drag and drop of table rows alex enhancement high Core
#203 Iterator bugs in the collection package [email protected] defect high Core
#205 Extra methods in anonymous defect lowest General
#207 Rich Text Editor broken in Firefox alex defect high Widgets
#209 placekeeper: implement durable storage API for Dojo alex enhancement high General
#211 [patch] Dialog widget is broken on all plaforms. anonymous defect high Widgets
#212 [patch] Manager.js blows on IE when iterates over available renderers. anonymous defect high General
#213 Editor widget doesn't like starting off hidden... psowden defect high Widgets
#214 behaviour not same in IE and Mozilla anonymous defect high TestFramework
#215 Text Editor, Firefox crash anonymous defect high General
#216 [patch] Dialog can be opened/closed randomly due to effect delays anonymous defect high Widgets
#217 LayoutPane: invalid url causes cpu spin bill defect high Widgets
#220 IFrameTransport doesn't call load/handler/error in IE alex defect high General
#222 JSON stringifying code anonymous enhancement high General
#223 dnd (drag and drop) broken on safari anonymous defect high Widgets
#226 Form post parameter ordering/complete drop off face of planet anonymous defect high Core
#227 kitchen_sink profile broken because of forEach anonymous defect high BuildTools
#228 HtmlWidget.destroyWidget() not implemented by most widgets anonymous defect low Widgets
#230 rhino dislikes dojo.string.pad anonymous defect high Core
#231 if(!isNaN(padding) { syntax error anonymous defect high Core
#232 dojo.event.topic.unsubscribe is subscribing, not unsubscribing anonymous defect high Core
#233 Dojo does not play well with TinyMCE editor alex defect high Core
#235 Dialog widget parse produces TypeError:Function expected in msie david defect low Widgets
#236 Error in Safari while using dojo.require anonymous task blocker Core
#237 in build.xml, the property "copyright" needs (1) a line feed, and maybe (2) a mention of the BSD license anonymous defect high BuildTools
#239 widgets provide no way through markup pass in to override their css alex defect high General
#240 test anonymous defect high General
#243 LayoutPane doesn't work if margins specified indirectly via class attribute anonymous defect high Widgets
#244 Rich Text Editor doesn't work since 12/12/2005 on firefox 1.0.7 anonymous defect high General
#245 iframe_history.html doesn't validate. alex defect high General
#247 Editor widget from <textarea> fails on Safari anonymous defect high General
#249 Dojo Editor does not play well with MochiKit anonymous defect high General
#250 A methods to destroy Editor are require anonymous defect high General
#251 Dialog not working on IE anonymous defect high General
#252 ComboBox needs an Iframe anonymous defect high Widgets
#253 editor doesn't obey style sizing, and doesn't work in FloatingPane on firefox liucougar enhancement high Widgets
#254 FloatingPane doesn't show anonymous defect high Widgets
#255 No way to set minHeight of richtext when instantiating Editor anonymous enhancement lowest Widgets
#256 When clicking on an empty editor area, the cursor does not show! anonymous defect high Widgets
#257 dojo causes IE close problem when page contains a combo box alex defect high Widgets
#259 dojo.collections.* b0rken anonymous defect high General
#261 IE crashes when adding dojo.debug to SplitPane.js onResized handler anonymous defect high Widgets
#262 make sure dojo.hostenv.* methods are deprecated James Burke defect high Core
#263 Fisheye widget should allow captions to always be on anonymous defect high Widgets
#264 dojo.raise() calls println() even when exception is caught Adam Peller defect high Core
#265 [PATCH] Broken download link on dojo webset anonymous defect high Website
#266 FisheyeListItem onClcik event does not provide the widgetId at all. alex defect high General
#268 improvements to getWidget methods in widget manager sjmiles enhancement high Widgets
#269 FisheyeList layers and label distances anonymous defect high General
#270 fromScript borks slideshow; doesn't use _this in callback properly anonymous defect high Widgets
#272 wipeIn show the full content before wiping anonymous defect high Core
#273 Add SQL date conversion functions david enhancement high General
#274 package system and xhtml documents alex defect high General
#276 RichText should offer an option to set focus onLoad alex defect high Widgets
#277 FloatingPane+descendants doesnt work in khtml alex defect high Widgets
#279 template files should check for <?xml and strip out to support svg template files alex defect high General
#280 Add tolerance to DnD alex defect high General
#282 Topic subscription doesn't support anonymous functions anonymous defect high General
#283 Topic subscription doesn't support just a function anonymous defect high General
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