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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#188 FisheyeList widget doesn't work when tags are used adam defect high 0.9 Widgets
#1624 TimePicker.setTime() fails [email protected] defect high Widgets
#18682 dojox/mobile/Overlay: on iPhone iOS8+, after touching an input element the virtual keyboard may cover the input adrian defect undecided future DojoX Mobile
#18691 Mobile checkbox on Edge: selected and unselected checkboxes are not aligned adrian defect low 1.12 DojoX Mobile
#15975 Programmatically created DateTextBox is not mirrored ahmedasaleh defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#15983 Popup menu doesn't appear in Safari\Mac ahmedasaleh defect undecided tbd Dijit
#15985 Wrong display of mirrored StackContainer on widjit level ahmedasaleh defect undecided tbd Dijit
#18395 Arabic numeric shaping ahmedasaleh defect undecided tbd General
#16598 Change in size of Floating pane when maximizing Ajit Pal Singh defect high 1.9 DojoX Layout
#16821 ComboBox not clickable on Firefox 19.0.2 and Windows 8 alakeetm defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#18413 dijit Tree's attribute showRoot: false doesn't work in programmatic way alanland defect undecided tbd Dijit
#15047 JsonRest should nor use a plus sign when sorting ascending. alaska defect low 1.10 Data
#18740 dijit.form.Button aleung defect undecided tbd Dijit - Form
#2 test ticket #2 alex defect high component1
#4 Trac view/edit control alex defect high Doc parser
#5 Trac Ticket setup: establishing components, milestones, versions alex defect high Roadmap
#6 References to 'blank.html' alex defect high General
#7 bind() behavior with formNode + url (+ method) not well defined alex defect high General
#8 Provide verbose names for XMLHttpRequest states alex enhancement lowest Core
#10 rename "blank.html" alex defect low General
#11 compression mangles future occurances of some words passed as function arguments alex defect high BuildTools
#12 implement combo box alex defect high Widgets
#13 we should have a wiki article covering the compressor system alex defect high Doc parser
#14 widget parent/child relationships not correclty set when building from parsed result set alex defect high Widgets
#16 build tools use b0rken regexp to determine module dependencies alex defect high BuildTools
#18 too much boilerplate required for widgets alex defect high Widgets
#19 Inconsistent use of event models alex defect high General
#21 xmlhttp_packet_test load hander not firing alex defect high TestFramework
#22 dojo.event.connect doesn't throw error with first argument null alex defect high Core
#23 dojo.event.connect bug alex defect high Core
#24 Safari can't serialize sub-documents that aren't from HTML, and API is non-standard across others alex defect high Core
#25 getWidgetsByFilter only calls filter once alex defect blocker Widgets
#26 doesnt allow gettings files from harddrive only through a server alex defect high Core
#27 IE event cancelling broken alex defect high Core
#28 Compression kills object literals alex defect blocker BuildTools
#29 dojo makes debugging un-necessarialy difficult alex defect high General
#31 refactor to allow primitive-only DND alex defect high Widgets
#32 Package manager isn't correctly identifying when it has a package loaded alex defect high Core
#34 gracefully handle the case where xmlhttprequest is not available in PCIE alex defect low 1.0 IO
#35 incorrect log10 implementation alex defect low BuildTools
#36 was spam alex defect high General
#38 module prefixing doesn't work as advertised alex defect high Core
#39 incorrect include paths in alex defect high Doc parser
#42 postInitialize barfs if templateNode unset and domNode replaced manually alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#43 Object declaration doesnt strip spaces in widget assignment alex defect high General
#44 Request syntax sugar for pushing an onLoad event listener alex defect low Core
#47 when should the * syntax be used? alex defect high General
#48 load event called before widgets are completely initialized - IE only alex defect blocker Widgets
#50 Widget voodoo alex defect high Widgets
#51 forwardButton events assigned by are not working alex defect high Core
#52 This is my short summary alex defect lowest General
#54 Implement something like Behavior.js alex defect high Doc parser
#60 forward and back button handling should be split-out of io namespace alex defect high Core
#61 clobber unused namespaces from the source tree in both src/ and tests/ dirs alex defect high General
#64 build tools need to create per-package rollup files in addition to root package files alex defect high BuildTools
#67 Deprecate optional first argument to connect() alex defect high Core
#68 less cryptic variable names in Dojo alex defect high 0.9 General
#69 back button handling doesn't work in IE when running from local fs alex defect high General
#70 dojo.event.connect fires function on the same call at which it was connected alex defect high Core
#71 infinite recursion when property added to Array prototype alex defect high General
#72 Built package doesn't include SVN repo number alex defect high BuildTools
#74 use a more powerful templating system in widgets alex enhancement high 0.9 General
#75 Allow instantiation of widgets using new alex defect high 1.0 General
#76 Move widget render implementations to dojo.widget.render alex defect high General
#77 Fail gracefully when document.write isn't available alex defect high Core
#78 Files beginning with double-underscores conflict with Zope alex defect high 0.9 General
#79 Using 'backButton' option with io.bind can send Firefox loading indicator into an infinite roll. alex defect high Core
#80 tests/widget/test_Button.html throws file not found errors, maybe related to debugAtAllCosts alex defect high General
#83 Add versioning: dojo.version alex defect high General
#84 Build should generate a file denoting what packages it built alex defect high BuildTools
#86 Add import options to require alex enhancement high 1.0 Core
#88 io.bind browser history alex defect high Core
#91 package zip/tgz root folders should have the same name as the file alex defect high General
#94 Remove dojo.widget._cssFiles in favor of using feature built into insertCssFile alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#96 split-pane widget wanted alex defect high Widgets
#98 IE6.0 doesn't support overflow property alex defect high Widgets
#99 Drag & Drop w/absolute positioning is broken alex defect high Core
#101 Bind API refactor alex defect high General
#102 dojo fails to load when document.domain is set alex defect high General
#103 Licence? alex defect high General
#104 Should isUndefined be renamed to isDefined? alex defect low General
#106 strange "||" behavior in JUM tests and jum.debug() alex defect high General
#108 apis and tests shouldn't be in release builds with -Ddocless=true alex defect high BuildTools
#109 Compressor treats ++ (and probably --) incorrectly alex defect high BuildTools
#118 package system is throwing error warnings alex defect high BuildTools
#133 isContainer without template string error alex defect high 0.9 Widgets
#136 Need reST documenation template alex defect high Doc parser
#149 Code comments say not to invoke methods on dojo.hostenv, but dojo.hostenv.setModulePrefix is not aliased alex defect high General
#162 [patch] Dialog widget doesn't work when page margins are not specified in pixels alex defect high Widgets
#166 [patch] HtmlComboBox - comboBoxValue not being populated. alex defect high Widgets
#169 dojo.profile fails to load when debugAtAllCosts is true alex defect high General
#175 Support retrying bind calls alex enhancement high 0.9 IO
#176 Allow to specify successful HTTP codes alex enhancement high future IO
#177 custom_rhino.jar can get tripped up by extraneous variable declarations alex defect high General
#185 dojo.hostenv.writeIncludes doesn't seem to work for the dojo+ajax build alex defect high General
#191 dojo needs a datagrid widget alex enhancement high Widgets
#192 Event system docs sample code alex defect blocker Doc parser
#193 intern-strings does't work for templatePath : ... as per widgethtmlButton.js alex defect high General
#195 Minimal profile build is broken alex defect high BuildTools
#202 [patch] Allow drag and drop of table rows alex enhancement high Core
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