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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#13592 [patch] [cla] add comment to help jsdoc generation in json.js Kris Zyp defect high Documentation 1.7.0b1
#13593 [patch] add comment to help jsdoc generation in on.js Kris Zyp defect high Documentation 1.7.0b1
#13605 DataList: ListItem.onClick() not Invoked if onClick handler is specified in data source ykami defect high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#13641 [patch] change local variable name of kernel to dojo in dojo/_base/connect defect high Core 1.7.0b1
#13698 Widget on tab not focused on first show defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#13720 Chart Tooltips dont now work correclty with 2 different plots. Eugene Lazutkin defect high Charting 1.6.1
#13721 Documentation for the build system re: localizing dijits enhancement high Documentation 1.6.1
#13748 Error in dijit.form.ComboBoxMixin.labelFunc() when returned value is undefined. bill defect high Dijit - Form 1.6.1
#13752 Moved from 1.7.0B1 to 1.7.0B2 and now has a bug with dojox.uuid.generateRandomUuid daniel.payne defect high Dojox 1.6.1
#13756 creating filtering select in iframe from parent fails in IE7 Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.6.1
#13766 JsonRestStore regression Kris Zyp defect high DojoX Data 1.6.1
#13788 Icons -- Consider Provide "insertTo" for url feature ykami enhancement high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#13818 DataGrid + JsonRestStore: incorrect event handling Kris Zyp defect high DojoX Data 1.6.1
#13847 Forms and form validation Paul Christopher enhancement high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#13900 Dijit Editor selectall copies extra tags into the clipboard on Chrome defect high Editor 1.6.1
#13970 'dojo is not defined' issue caused by dojo loader Rawld Gill defect high Loader 1.6.1
#14023 has different return values on get() Kris Zyp defect high Data 1.6.1
#14055 Calendar: selected color unintentionally changed (claro) bill defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#14082 transition to dynamic view fails on safari mobile browser ykami defect high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#14091 Tab controls displayed when it should not be defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#14101 Error when closing FilteringSelect Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.7.0b1
#14114 Chrome / Webkit removing event.layerX and event.layerY defect high General 1.6.1
#14129 aspect.before bypasses aspect.around Kris Zyp defect high Events 1.7.0b1
#14131 Lazy Loading Tree Results In Unnecessary Network Activity defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#14149 Build does not copy images Rawld Gill defect high BuildSystem 1.7.0b1
#14178 Deferred cancellers not getting called w/ XHR timeout defect high Core 1.7.0
#14188 dijit.findWidgets(): Problems with node.nextSibling in IE9 defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#14192 FilteringSelect does not maintain backwards compatibility with ItemFileReadStore Kris Zyp defect high Dijit 1.7.0
#14233 not restored correctly mc007ibi defect high DojoX Mobile 1.6.1
#14250 IconItem top size is negative Eric Wang defect high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0
#14352 Refine transition utility and remove all intermediate view loading and transition state to ensure no flicker. Eric Wang enhancement high Dojox 1.7.0
#14429 documentation about "profileFie" of dojo build is wrong Rawld Gill defect high Documentation 1.7.0
#14449 Validierung by Form.validate does not work with group and Repeat Ed Chatelain defect high DojoX MVC 1.7.0
#14471 GFX surface does not support touch events on Android Patrick Ruzand defect high DojoX GFX 1.7.0
#14483 BorderContainer flow gets broken when a DropDownButton gets added with no Menu/MenuItem children defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#14500 Problem with comma sign in number format ghada_selim defect high Dijit - Form 1.7.0
#14505 TimeTextBox : "visibleRange" constraint doesn't work Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.7.0
#14525 dojo.xhr Basic Auth broken defect high Core 1.7.1
#14533 BorderContainer does not resize properly when it is added programatically defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#14536 dojo.on doesn't work with dijit.form.Button defect high Events 1.7.0
#14543 Tabs / ContentPanes being created with class dijitHidden. As such they are not being displayed defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#14546 require() to return a Deferred Rawld Gill enhancement high Loader 1.7.1
#14559 HREF don't work as expected defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#14565 win.body() undefined Eugene Lazutkin defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#14605 Multiple Pie Charts not Rendering Properly Eugene Lazutkin defect high Charting 1.5
#14617 Tree view programmatic collapse not working defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#14625 dojox.form.Uploader uses different filenames for IE vs other (filenames0 vs filenames[]) Mike Wilcox defect high DojoX Form 1.7.1
#14649 Using relative modules are assumed to be URLs by the loader Rawld Gill defect high Loader 1.7.1
#14939 inconsistency tk defect high Date 1.7.2
#15005 [patch][cla] dojox.charting inside layout widgets cjolif defect high Charting 1.7.2
#4414 Dialog: bug using filtering select in modal dialog with refreshOnShow = true dante defect low Dijit 0.9
#7384 var q = dojo.queryToObject((new dojo._Url(document.location)).query); fails on URL without query string anonymous enhancement low Query 1.1.1
#8647 dojox.gfx.surface misplaced in IE Eugene Lazutkin defect low DojoX GFX 1.2.3
#9048 Constructor list for dojox.grid has "See create() for details." under DataGrid, but there is no "create()" method. defect low Documentation 1.3.0
#9063 [meta] fix long-line formatting. Shouldn't be more than 80 chars. dante defect low General 1.3.0
#9316 Include a new parameter in grid formatter Bryan Forbes enhancement low DojoX Grid 1.3.1
#9708 [patch/cla] dijit.getEnclosingWidget using dojo.query task low Dijit 1.3.2
#9742 NumberTextBoxes not being found with dijit.findWidgets() or dijit.getChildren() defect low Dijit - Form 1.3.2
#9813 Bad refresh of grid when resizing window Bryan Forbes defect low DojoX Grid 1.3.2
#10005 inconsistent return value task low Dijit 1.3.2
#10555 BorderContainer layout doesn't work in DIV blocks defect low Dijit 1.3.2
#11474 dojox.json.query refers to its namespace using "this" Kris Zyp defect low Dojox 1.5
#11576 [patch] [cla] dtl.test_annoying_nest fail in FF 4.0 beta 3 liucougar defect low DojoX DTL 1.5
#11610 ItemFileReadStore gives no indication of error when json data contains duplicate index Jared Jurkiewicz defect low Data 1.4.3
#12304 [patch][cla] DTL: With tag doesn't unrender correctly. Remoun Metyas defect low DojoX DTL 1.5
#12947 Error popup shows too fast when insert URL begin with 'http://' defect low Editor 1.6.1
#13517 [patch][cla] dojox.dtl.contrib.dijit.AttachNode doesn't update attach points on re-render Remoun Metyas defect low DojoX DTL 1.6.1
#13755 IconContainer is missing defaultIcons on FF ykami defect low DojoX Mobile 1.6.1
#16949 Require never returns if two module paths reference same URL Rawld Gill defect low Loader 1.8.3
#7516 Please separate the dijit impletementation enhancement lowest Dijit 1.1.1
#9810 Grid height too small = no scrollbar in FFX 3 Bryan Forbes defect lowest DojoX Grid 1.3.2

Resolution: wontfix (29 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14674 dojox/mobile/app/_event.js does not replace dojo.connect correctly defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.1
#14683 Implementation of Selectors Level 4 Kris Zyp feature undecided Query 1.7.1
#14685 dojo.Deferred exhausts stack for long chains Mark Wubben defect undecided Core 1.7.1
#14689 provide registerModulePath for the AMD loader Rawld Gill feature undecided Loader 1.7.1
#14710 Protocol-relative URLs shouldn't generally be treated as cross-domain Rawld Gill defect undecided Loader 1.7.1
#14735 API generator does not catch errors dante defect undecided Doc parser 1.7.1
#14741 Missing argument in EnhancedGrid _Plugin.js fredfortier defect undecided DojoX Grid 1.7.1
#14744 Validated input inside a label tag Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#14754 [patch] [cla] when possible use delegate() rather than mixin() for faux keypress/keydown events Kris Zyp task undecided Events 1.7.1
#14773 IE6: TextBox renders incorrectly inside a TabContainer when doLayout set to false Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#14788 Wrong placement of popup when anchor node moved to different document feature undecided Dijit 1.7.1
#14791 nested Repeats Ed Chatelain defect undecided DojoX MVC 1.7.1
#14799 on/Evented should support target and currentTarget Kris Zyp enhancement undecided Events 1.7.0
#14869 Chrome bug v17 on date.setHours - and Calendar/CalendarLite defect undecided General 1.7.2
#14874 Camel Cased classname queries fail on lite engine Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.7.2
#14875 not(*:first-child) query failing with selector=css3 (FF11/mac) Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.7.2
#14889 Provide a loading/querying flag Kris Zyp enhancement undecided Data 1.7.2
#14924 dojox.embed.Flash incorrect behavior in display none block Tom Trenka defect undecided Dojox 1.7.1
#14951 cannot be added programatically via addChild function ykami defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#14976 [regression] ValidationTextBox: tooltipPosition=after doesn't layout correctly defect undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#14977 allow for overriding theme name task undecided Dijit - LnF 1.7.2
#15114 dijit.ContentPane and IE7: Pane shows horizontal scrollbar althoug there is no need for that defect undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#15115 dojox.charting StackedAreas won't diplay with StoreSeries Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.7.2
#15119 util/docscripts/generate.php parameter for modules directory and possibility for absolute paths Neil Roberts defect undecided Doc parser 1.7.2
#15126 use case insensitive match for matching themes in deviceTheme ykami enhancement undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#15127 "Pluggable" Parser bill enhancement undecided Parser 1.7.2
#15173 dojo/cookie and NaN defect undecided General 1.7.2
#15176 [CLA] [PATCH] _getXPath used for identity uses 0-based index instead of 1 Kris Zyp defect undecided DojoX Data 1.6.1
#15199 DELETE and GET fired simultaneously Kris Zyp defect undecided DojoX Data 1.7.2
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