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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8629 dojo.getComputedStyle race condition anonymous defect high General 1.2.3
#8650 InlineEditBox doesn't pass "style" parameter to editor anonymous defect high General 1.2.3
#8683 dojo.preventCache incorectly adding url parameter start character anonymous defect high General 1.2.3
#8813 Either dojo.fadeOut fails to work on a node or documentation is wrong anonymous defect high General 1.3.0b2
#9063 [meta] fix long-line formatting. Shouldn't be more than 80 chars. dante defect low General 1.3.0
#9069 fieldset border ruins layout in IE anonymous defect high General 1.3.0
#9333 Apply style guide fixes to code anonymous defect high General 1.3.0
#9346 dojo.setSelectable throws an error when called on an InlineEditBox in IE anonymous defect high General 1.3.0
#9432 dojo disables my form anonymous defect high General 1.3.0
#9457 setTimeout and dojo modules scope issues anonymous defect high General 1.3.1
#9487 dojo.isArray() fails on undefined object properties anonymous defect high General 1.3.1
#9770 grid(older version) does not work after custom build anonymous defect high General 1.3.1
#9818 dojo.forEach - add the ability to break out fo the loop anonymous defect high General 1.3.2
#9873 not formatting dijit._Calendar value correctly anonymous defect high General 1.3.2
#9890 dojo.NodeList-html and dojo.NodeList-fx dependency James Burke defect high General 1.3.2
#9903 dojo.create with "class" attribute fails in IE anonymous defect high General 1.3.2
#10121 Missing semicolon causes problems when file is built James Burke defect high General 1.3.2
#10255 DataGrid should refresh when setStore is called with new store Nathan Toone defect high General 1.4.0b
#10514 Windows XP Setup Causing Intermittent (but constant) problems with HiTask anonymous defect high General 1.4.0
#10812 problem anonymous defect high General 1.4.0
#10857 My Ticket anonymous enhancement high General 1.4.0
#10917 clicks on LightBox image anonymous enhancement high General 1.4.2
#10985 dojo.xhrPost does not call the error handler when the response could not be parsed James Burke defect high General 1.4.0
#11124 first image fails to load in dojox.image.LightboxDialog dante defect high General 1.3.2
#11934 FF4: All quirk tests are failing Douglas Hays defect high General 1.5
#12132 IE6 setting isDebug:false gives Invalid Argument error anonymous defect high General 1.5
#12374 dojo.string.substitute does not work. anonymous defect high General 1.5
#12404 Getting the annoying message "This page contains both secure and nonsecure item" after using dojoType="struts:Bind" in my page anonymous defect high General 1.6.0rc1
#12522 www defect high General 1.6.0
#12950 chained "dojo.connect"s' parameter and execution order defect high General 1.6.0
#13074 Testing Evan task high General 1.1.0
#13242 "mixin #1 is unknown" on custom widget defect high General 1.7.0b1
#13269 claroEnhancedGrid.css not on CDN defect high General 1.6.0
#13295 ignores hyphenated names in Firefox defect high General 1.6.1
#13471 data-dojo-type=dijit.layout.ContentPane not working defect high General 1.6.1
#14114 Chrome / Webkit removing event.layerX and event.layerY defect high General 1.6.1
#14661 invalid test ticket defect undecided General 1.7.1
#14717 Dojo not defined error preetamsikdar defect undecided General 1.7.1
#14758 dojox.form.TimeSpinner bad range defect undecided General 1.7.1
#14953 Custom build does not deliver the right error message venkata sreekanth bhagavatula defect undecided General 1.6.1
#15183 JasonRestStore gets reused if tree control is reset stranm512 defect undecided General 1.7.1
#15349 on Android Bug defect undecided General 1.7.2
#15601 query.slice is not a function on hovering menubar item behemot defect undecided General 1.8.0b1
#15621 Dojo project can not be started locally defect undecided General 1.7.3
#15903 Warnings when running custom build defect undecided General 1.8.0
#16003 dojo/request: handle as json - mix response defect undecided General 1.8.0
#16031 typo in dojo/request/notify.js causes document parser to crash defect undecided General 1.8.0
#16168 Dojo Toolkit SDK 1.8.1, 1.8.0 tsofist defect undecided General 1.8.1
#16474 asdf defect undecided General 1.8.1
#16554 inherited calls function on "this.prototype" instead of superClass defect undecided General 1.8.3
#16619 Errors when firebug is activated vihugarcia defect undecided General 1.8.3
#16888 innerHTML not function [email protected] defect undecided General 1.8.3
#17149 dojo 1.9 fails with IE10 mcstever defect undecided General 1.9.0
#17280 Dojo Select, FilteringSelect not working with browser Fullscreen Api lpyrkosz defect undecided General 1.8.5
#17304 Error parsing when dialog open another dialog m.tedesco defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17338 bug on version resolved defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17341 dojo/topic multiple subscriptions fail defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17520 dojo.js in Firefox 24.0 - TypeError: "undefined" is read-only Matthew Kwasnicki defect undecided General 1.8.4
#17541 Unable to use DOJO in Chrome Packaged Apps defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17576 dojo 1.9.1 anhdv defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17583 dojo.on object is not set up after request defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17584 dojox.encoding.digests.SHA1 object is not declared after require defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17607 dojo liabray slower dor large data points digambar defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17616 dgrid memory datastore not saving values Shay Lavi defect undecided General 1.9.1
#17627 dojo loader leaves source code in closure mehuge defect undecided General 1.9.2
#17794 dgrid editor Radio button column after Text editor column passes incorrect column when clicked defect undecided General 1.9.3
#17830 in ie11, has("ie") is undefined defect undecided General 1.9.3
#18118 Dojo memory is not releasing in DIV approach rahul.sharma defect undecided General 1.10.0
#18153 Cortisol Stress Hormone Destroy Muscle Tissues defect undecided General 1.10.0
#18310 Supplements To Aid Weight Loss: Utrim Garcinia defect undecided General 1.10.1
#18395 Arabic numeric shaping ahmedasaleh defect undecided General 1.10.2
#18421 Can not have single quote mark as placeholder text in management/common/SimpleFilter rwonly defect undecided General 1.9.3
#18453 Some dgrid Keyboard Listeners do not work in IE10 and IE11. defect undecided General 1.10.3
#18505 dojox.html.entites decode should support upper and lower case versions of the entity defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18530 update dojo FilteringSelect in dojo datagrid when onchange of another FilteringSelect defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18531 Can not have single quote mark as placeholder text in management/common/SimpleFilter steven-zou defect undecided General 1.9.3
#18634 dojo/window - getBox().h incorrect in Firefox jayflo defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18642 DojoAttachpoint is not Working defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18644 Grid Scroll Issue in Android , iPhone, iPad (touch devices) defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18677 dojo copy div text using shift + arrow keys feature undecided General 1.10.4
#18701 WAI-ARIA widgets must have an accessible name defect undecided General 1.8.10
#18754 dojo/domReady executes multiple times under Chrome browsers (Dojo 1.8.5) defect undecided General 1.8.5
#18773 Drop down button when disabled does not change it's colour gauravsaini93 defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18827 Traditional/simplified translations mixed up in defect undecided General 1.11.1
#18853 lose focus when navigating editable cell using tab key with enhanced grid defect undecided General 1.7.2
#18869 dojo 1.10.4 error: Must pre-load all supporting widgets before instantiation defect undecided General 1.10.4
#18960 ItemFileReadStore → xhr → fromJson → eval → Content-Security-Policy violation defect undecided General 1.12.1
#11536 dojo.create: the style attribute seems to be ignored by Internet Explorer 7 anonymous defect high HTML 1.5
#12085 Can no longer set, 'display', '') in dojo 1.5.0 sjmiles defect high HTML 1.5
#12518 node.nodeType Failing in IE9 sjmiles defect high HTML 1.6.0
#12817 Setting -moz-transform fails defect high HTML 1.6.0
#14155 dojo.byId returns DispHTMLDivElement instead of HTMLDivElement on IE9. Eugene Lazutkin defect blocker HTML 1.6.1
#14767 domGeometry.getMarginBox() doesn't return the same values in different browsers jesus.crysist defect undecided HTML 1.7.1
#15342 Dojo needs a more powerful equivalent to jQuery's offset() method Thomas Bachem enhancement undecided HTML 1.7.2
#15784 dojo/dom-style won't change background-image for firefox or opera, but works in chrome and safari Jacqui Manzi defect undecided HTML 1.7.3
#16093 dojo/html set parseContent option doesn't work Pete Smith defect undecided HTML 1.8.0
#16160 removing class from node with no classes using domClass.remove causes a class "undefined" to be added defect undecided HTML 1.8.0
#16586 Standby bug on IE9 nunocardoso defect undecided HTML 1.8.3
#16827 dojo/dom-construct toDom with xml string (wsdl document) Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided HTML 1.8.3
#17852 artl defect undecided HTML 1.9.3
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