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#18700 Dojo Stacked Bar Chart: Difference between colors of 2 stacked items is not easily noticeable vijaypatil defect undecided Charting 1.8.1
#16168 Dojo Toolkit SDK 1.8.1, 1.8.0 tsofist defect undecided General 1.8.1
#16457 Dojo base is missing dojo/_base/url defect undecided Loader 1.8.1
#14675 Dojo build fails with "location" is not defined Rawld Gill defect undecided BuildSystem 1.7.1
#15897 Dojo buildsystem broken in 1.8.0 Rawld Gill defect undecided BuildSystem 1.8.0
#17312 Dojo can not find indentities in IE10 defect undecided Core 1.9.1
#10682 Dojo dijit comboBox Issue in IE6 defect high Dijit - Form 1.3.2
#7421 Dojo dnd firefox 3 bugs anonymous defect high General 1.1.1
#10028 Dojo doesn't give focus to child windows in Internet Explorer anonymous defect high Dijit 1.3.2
#18836 Dojo grid NOT showing all records dylan defect undecided Data 1.5
#18118 Dojo memory is not releasing in DIV approach rahul.sharma defect undecided General 1.10.0
#15342 Dojo needs a more powerful equivalent to jQuery's offset() method Thomas Bachem enhancement undecided HTML 1.7.2
#14717 Dojo not defined error preetamsikdar defect undecided General 1.7.1
#16590 Dojo parser for data-dojo-props should accept object string with braces Mark DeMichele enhancement undecided Parser 1.8.3
#17749 Dojo pie chart have same color for 2 slices jsharat defect undecided Charting 1.9.2
#15621 Dojo project can not be started locally defect undecided General 1.7.3
#11269 Dojo tooltip widget loading slow in IE7 dante defect high Dijit 1.4.0
#18125 Dojo touch events fire before non-touch counterparts (touch device only) neville1355 defect undecided Events 1.10.0
#18969 Dojo.require failing for dnd.source defect undecided DnD 1.12.1
#15635 Dojo1.8.0b1: dojo.request.notify not working? Bryan Forbes defect undecided IO 1.8.0b1
#18642 DojoAttachpoint is not Working defect undecided General 1.10.4
#10442 DojoCampus docs ... option to suppress masthead/navigation at top of webpage deanw enhancement high Website 1.4.0b
#16844 DojoX/date/UmAlqurra js files not there Adam Peller defect undecided Dojox 1.8.3
#8897 Dojox Grid doesn't work in IE7 when it placed in iframe from top document Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.0b3
#8131 Dojox av test videos not removed with mini=true Adam Peller defect high Dojox 1.2.1
#17452 Dojox form manager - gatherFormValues() and reset() methods defect undecided DojoX Form 1.9.1
#17137 Dojox.charting.widget.Legend not working c5fritz1387 defect undecided Charting 1.9.0
#14233 not restored correctly mc007ibi defect high DojoX Mobile 1.6.1
#10671 Drag and drop rows in a grid to tree Nathan Toone task blocker DojoX Grid 1.4.0
#18773 Drop down button when disabled does not change it's colour gauravsaini93 defect undecided General 1.10.4
#8413 Dropdown Multi Select Widget dante enhancement high DojoX Form 1.2.3
#15445 Dynamic (runtime) require() function [cla] Rawld Gill enhancement undecided Loader 1.7.2
#17767 Editor Table plugin is not working in 1.9.1 and 1.9.3 vidyarao defect undecided Editor 1.9.3
#16409 Editor behaves differently, on IE, when using customized toolbar – as opposed to default toolbar. bill defect undecided Editor 1.8.0
#11796 Editor: The link dialog should insert http:// if user doesn't type it Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Editor 1.5
#8813 Either dojo.fadeOut fails to work on a node or documentation is wrong anonymous defect high General 1.3.0b2
#10234 Enhanced Datagrid Globalization - Problems loading no english characters evan defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#10130 Enhanced Grid - highlighting lagging behind mouse position evan defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#10178 Enhanced grid Accessibility - Tab key order is lost evan defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#10099 Enhanced grid - Unselecting a Selected Column evan defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#10218 EnhancedGrid Globalization - Problems when sorting columns of numbers or amounts evan defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#12830 Enter key appears to double space in RichTextEditor on ie8 Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Editor 1.6.0
#13174 Error Bundle not found: gregorian in dojo.cldr , locale=es-es with dojo 1.5 and firefox 4 Adam Peller defect high Internationalization 1.5.0b1
#12691 Error Message IE9 and dojox.charting Eugene Lazutkin defect high Charting 1.6.0
#13748 Error in dijit.form.ComboBoxMixin.labelFunc() when returned value is undefined. bill defect high Dijit - Form 1.6.1
#16459 Error in req.injectUrl on IE8 and Below alex_javascript defect undecided Loader 1.8.1
#11593 Error on call of dojo.requireLocalization when resource is missing (only with CDN) James Burke defect high BuildTools 1.4.0
#17304 Error parsing when dialog open another dialog m.tedesco defect undecided General 1.9.1
#12947 Error popup shows too fast when insert URL begin with 'http://' defect low Editor 1.6.1
#14101 Error when closing FilteringSelect Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.7.0b1
#16619 Errors when firebug is activated vihugarcia defect undecided General 1.8.3
#7425 Events are occasionally missing offsetX/Y (and therefore also missing layoutX/Y) sjmiles defect high Events 1.1.1
#11182 FF3 can't remove underline from links Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Editor 1.5.0b2
#9505 FF3.5 BorderContainer Iframe get vertical Scrollbar defect high Dijit 1.3.1
#11934 FF4: All quirk tests are failing Douglas Hays defect high General 1.5
#14727 FF: Cannot click properly on dijit form widgets when dialog is draggable Eric Poulin defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#17777 FORMATTING SHRINKSAFE feature undecided ShrinkSafe 1.9.3
#11630 FilteringSelect SetValue() - Shows Invalid Icon But Valid Item Remains anonymous defect high Dijit - Form 1.5
#14192 FilteringSelect does not maintain backwards compatibility with ItemFileReadStore Kris Zyp defect high Dijit 1.7.0
#15836 FilteringSelect on Android Pete Smith defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.8.0
#15844 FilteringSelect throw a CancelError by set(value, '') Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.8.0
#15795 FilteringSelect/ComboBox does not query properly when a ItemFileReadStore is set Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.3
#10648 FilteringSelect: "required" attribute broken for blank <option> Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.4.0
#14781 FilteringSelect: No KeyDown, KeyUp, KeyPress event Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#15820 FilteringSelect: dropdown is always displayed at the bottom of select Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.3
#14782 FilteringSelect: intermediateChanges not propagated to the outside Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#9279 FilteringSelect: onChange won't fire on changing to the first entry when displayedValue is set. Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.3.1
#10550 Firefox Internal Error "Component returned failure code" anonymous defect high Dijit 1.3.2
#13519 Firefox not fetching HtmlStore by 'id' defect high DojoX Data 1.6.1
#12388 FisheyeList getParent() call error dante defect high DojoX Widgets 1.6.0rc1
#16450 Focus can not move on the main menu XiaoLei defect undecided Dijit 1.8.1
#18280 Focus manager does not cancel focusout after selection.addRange lbus defect undecided Dijit 1.10.0
#12061 ForestStoreModel - delete item may cause error defect high Dijit 1.5
#14952 Form is not auto submitting shabarish defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.2
#13847 Forms and form validation Paul Christopher enhancement high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#14471 GFX surface does not support touch events on Android Patrick Ruzand defect high DojoX GFX 1.7.0
#10498 GFX: Renderer order is not configurable. Jared Jurkiewicz defect high DojoX GFX 1.4.0
#12404 Getting the annoying message "This page contains both secure and nonsecure item" after using dojoType="struts:Bind" in my page anonymous defect high General 1.6.0rc1
#16732 Got "ID values must be unique" DAP violation myu1 defect undecided Accessibility 1.6.1
#8675 Grid + "tabs" freezes/crashes IE 7.0 Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.2.2
#9308 Grid Escapes HTML, Preventing Functional Links Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.1
#18644 Grid Scroll Issue in Android , iPhone, iPad (touch devices) defect undecided General 1.10.4
#7348 Grid does not work since nightly build: 1/aug/2008 Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.1.1
#10103 Grid doesn't render inside a Dialog Nathan Toone defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#9810 Grid height too small = no scrollbar in FFX 3 Bryan Forbes defect lowest DojoX Grid 1.3.2
#9812 Grid store loading when sorting at the end of a grid Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.2
#14559 HREF don't work as expected defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#10154 HasDropDown - node attach to dopDown isn't in doc Nathan Toone defect high Dijit 1.4.0b
#13287 Having dijits within a custom widget template doesn't propagate dijit-specific attributes into the dijits themselves. defect high Dijit 1.6.1
#7536 How do i validate a text box for accepting only String or fo only digits anonymous defect high Dijit 1.1.1
#13509 How to find the width of the Popup Menu in Dojo task blocker Dijit 1.6.1
#15468 I programmatically create a ContentPane, then add a TabContainer to the pane, it not render rightly bill defect undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#18371 IE11 hangs when returning focus after downloading or printing a file acggp defect undecided Dijit 1.9.4
#12132 IE6 setting isDebug:false gives Invalid Argument error anonymous defect high General 1.5
#8761 IE7: Popups in Dialog affect background elements defect high Dijit 1.3.0b1
#9864 IE8 hangs with multiple iframes displayed and trying to refresh the main page defect high Dijit 1.3.2
#16238 IE8: Hitting enter on a dijit.form.Button inside a dijit.form.Form submits form Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.8.0
#13755 IconContainer is missing defaultIcons on FF ykami defect low DojoX Mobile 1.6.1
#17073 IconItem moveTo overlays 2nd view on top of 1st view Eric Durocher defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.9.0b2
#14250 IconItem top size is negative Eric Wang defect high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0
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