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#12263 [patch] [cla] Include stack in DOH AssertError David Rees enhancement high TestFramework 1.6.0b1
#12447 Add Drop Animation to mDND jfcunat enhancement high Dojox 1.6.0
#12641 Proposed Tutorial on Login forms Nick Fenwick enhancement high Documentation 1.6.0
#13041 DataGrid in markup - allow constraint without editor Evan enhancement high DojoX Grid 1.6.1
#13796 dojox.grid.cells.Select missing documentation Evan enhancement high Documentation 1.6.1
#13901 Toaster onHide event dante enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.6.1
#14130 Accessible lightbox Adam Peller enhancement high Dojox 1.6.1
#14179 EnhancedGrid - Pagination: require to indicate page size and page number before grid is initialized Evan enhancement high DojoX Grid 1.6.1
#14669 swap in does not trigger dojo/event Patrick Ruzand enhancement undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.1
#14787 update package.json version attribute on branches Colin Snover enhancement low Operations 1.7.2rc1
#14821 test case and demo of dojox.widget.SortList don't work dante enhancement undecided DojoX Widgets 1.7.1
#14911 Mobile TreeView should support selection, icons, and more customizability Patrick Ruzand enhancement undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#15091 Add fixed position support to enhancement undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#15142 Missing tags in DTL. Compared to Django 1.4. Michael Wu enhancement undecided DojoX DTL 1.7.2
#15962 dojox/mobile/ToolBarButton and TabBarButton: undesired outline drawn in selected state (Chrome/Win) Patrick Ruzand enhancement undecided DojoX Mobile 1.8.0
#16407 string.substitute should handle missing replacement values better Adam Peller enhancement undecided String 1.8.1
#16415 Add support to output ordinal suffix Adam Peller enhancement undecided Internationalization 1.8.1
#17484 Calendar: display arabic numerals robert_j enhancement undecided Dojox 1.9.1
#17795 enable set cookie path or options for dijit tree in persistense mode enhancement undecided Dijit 1.9.3
#18439 Need Dojo Object Store for localStorage Akira Sudoh enhancement undecided Data 1.10.3
#11701 dojo.parser.parse ignores dojoType on the root element; cannot process document fragments bill feature low Parser 1.5
#14474 Animation between read-only mode and edit mode in a form Patrick Ruzand feature high DojoX Mobile 1.7.1
#14823 Create a text input field similar to the one used in the iPhone Contacts app Patrick Ruzand feature undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#14902 Editable Edge-to-Edge List Auto Scrolling Patrick Ruzand feature undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#15283 Calendar: provide a mechanism to make the control disabled/read-only feature undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#16723 EnhancedGrid : exporter with formatters bug Evan feature undecided DojoX Grid 1.7.3
#10710 the display of GridContainer Columns shooter Shane O'Sullivan task high Dojox 1.4.0
#14455 Editor: add test case for TextColor (foregroundColor, backgroundColor) task low Editor 1.7.1
#18643 Some examples fail in dojox.grid.DataGrid task undecided Documentation 1.10.4
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