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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#15994 dojox.gfx.utils.toSvg creates broken svg files when a text shape contains "=" Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided DojoX GFX 1.8.0
#8924 dojox.grid.DataGrid bug Bryan Forbes defect blocker DojoX Grid 1.3.0b3
#9564 dojox.grid.DataGrid ignores escapeHTMLInData in 1.3.2 Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.1
#11987 dojox.grid.DataGrid.doApplyCellEdit does not test if the value has changed Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.5
#11957 dojox.grid._Grid: hidden attribute cannot be set to true on columns when instantiated via HTML in HTML5 Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.5
#11509 dojox.grid.cell.Editor toolbar non-functioning Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.5
#14871 dojox.grid.datagrid null values not rendered IE7 Evan defect undecided DojoX Grid 1.6.1
#7874 dojox.html.metrics SSL mixed content issue Bryan Forbes defect high Dojox 1.2.0
#12806 dojox.image.Gallery thumb navigation bug Shane O'Sullivan defect high Dojox 1.6.0
#7641 dojox.image.ThumbnailPicker IE6/7 stack overflow Adam Peller defect blocker Dojox
#14777 dojox.layout.FloatingPane resize method doesn't works in i.e. 8 defect undecided DojoX Layout 1.7.1
#10580 dojox.layout.RadioGroup Issues dante defect low DojoX Layout 1.4.0
#15395 keyboard issue on Android Eric Durocher defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.7.2
#16650 is registering too many observer handlers defect undecided General 1.8.3
#17336 should adapt its width to content enhancement undecided DojoX Mobile 1.9.1
#13823 dojox.mvc.StatefulModel Date binding Ed Chatelain defect high DojoX MVC 1.7.0b1
#14740 dojox.socket.LongPoll will not fire events in IE Kris Zyp defect undecided Dojox 1.7.1
#11250 API incorrect Shane O'Sullivan defect high Dojox 1.5.0b2
#10574 dojox.widget.ColorPicker does not work within a popup anonymous defect high Dojox 1.3.2
#15956 dojox/charting/tests/test_StoreSeries-amd.html: Tooltip and MoveSlice not working Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.8.0
#15422 dojox/date/timezone test failures Adam Peller defect undecided Date 1.7.2
#15697 dojox/form/resources/FileInput.css references nonexisting images dante defect undecided DojoX Form 1.7.3
#18567 dojox/fx/ext-dojo/complex no longer works for rgba Bryan Forbes defect undecided fx 1.9.7
#13324 dojox/fx/ext-dojo/complex.js defect high fx 1.7.0b1
#16399 dojox/geo/openlayers/WidgetFeature.js line 221 ( dojo toolkit v1.8) remove method Patrick Ruzand defect undecided Dojox 1.8.1
#14548 dojox/io/OAuth.js will not build - easy fix Adam Peller defect high Dojox 1.7.1
#14549 dojox/io/OAuth.js will not build - easy fix Adam Peller defect high Dojox 1.7.1
#18275 dojox/layout/ContentPane closing error defect undecided DojoX Layout 1.10.1
#17328 dojox/layout/Dock template mistake defect undecided DojoX Layout 1.9.1
#17306 dom-construct#place with position 'only' orphans all descendants, not just direct children Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided HTML 1.9.1
#17064 dom-geometry position works differently in Firefox and Chrome defect undecided Core 1.8.3
#18724 dom-style.get gives incorrect width for edge defect undecided General 1.10.4
#12702 duplicates are shown after add items to DataGrid when used with ClientFilter and JsonRestStore Jared Jurkiewicz defect high DojoX Data 1.4.3
#15335 eclipse show error : Duplicate case defect undecided General 1.7.2
#8330 error when destroying a ContentPane widget anonymous defect high General 1.2.3
#10010 event dispatcher fails under opera sjmiles defect high Events 1.3.2
#14932 externally loaded Content doesn't wait for require() to be complited defect undecided DojoX Layout 1.7.2
#8893 firebug lite opens when Firebug 1.4.0a12 is installed anonymous defect high General 1.3.0b3
#15158 getComputedStyle - Opera Dragonfly error defect undecided General 1.7.2
#14285 getComputedStyle causing editor load issues for some IE9 users? Kenneth G. Franqueiro defect high HTML 1.6.1
#11417 getting a javascript runtime error in IE 8 Dustin Machi defect high Website 1.5.0b2
#10915 grid: add filter evan enhancement high DojoX Grid
#18532 has("ie") returns undefined on desktop IE11 and Windows Phone 8.1 defect undecided General 1.10.4
#9280 hitting 'Enter' on dialog submit button causes execute to be called twice defect high Dijit - Form 1.3.0
#8586 html can be loaded directly, but not by dialog with href defect high Dijit 1.2.2
#14355 defect high Documentation 1.7.0
#14832 i18n.js and locale files ALWAYS loaded via XHR despite being in a build Rawld Gill defect undecided BuildSystem 1.7.2
#18508 if-then-else by throwing exceptions in selector/acme.js Kris Zyp enhancement undecided Query 1.10.4
#16992 injectUrl issue with dojox.layout.ContentPane using require Rawld Gill enhancement undecided Loader 1.8.3
#7497 json-comment-optional support in James Burke enhancement high IO 1.1.1
#12600 less-then-or-equal operators fail in dojox.json.query Sam Foster defect high Dojox 1.6.0
#15090 loader fails to properly load some nls resources, require() returns '3' in their slot Nick Fenwick defect undecided General 1.7.2
#17863 make this.own() handle Promises enhancement undecided Dijit 1.9.3
#10459 missing resources dojo 1.4rc2 anonymous defect high General 1.4.0b
#15754 model.js unreachable code Ed Chatelain defect undecided DojoX App 1.8.0rc1
#8956 mouseMoveAt() confused by scroll on outer document Douglas Hays defect high TestFramework 1.3.0b3
#8339 multidialog/keyboard problem enhancement high Dijit 1.2.3
#17478 multiples errors in FF27.0a1 (nightly) defect undecided General 1.9.1
#14891 new dijit.form.Button throws "Invalid template" error hbaaron defect undecided Dijit 1.6.1
#18578 onclick of Button not triggered when using ComboBox in IE 10 or higher defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.2
#10116 problem while moving data between two DataGrids in DOJO 1.4 beta Nathan Toone defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#7771 propagate return values from functions set in dojo.addOnUnload sjmiles enhancement high Events 1.2beta
#8254 query parser does not respect brackets in element names anonymous defect high General 1.2.2
#15667 reposition dropdown when window resizes bill defect undecided Dijit 1.8.0b1
#15251 request for a way to detect / run code after a complete setting values to the form elements Douglas Hays enhancement undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.2
#12715 require.ready() tries to invoke the context as a function Rawld Gill defect high Core 1.6.0
#14928 returning store.query results and (dgrid and custom store related) defect undecided General 1.7.2
#12460 robot hangs in popup.html on IE9 haysmark defect high TestFramework 1.6.0
#15023 select dropdown list behave strangely betwen layers and scroll defect undecided Dijit 1.7.1
#15703 setFilter() in dojox.grid.EnhancedGrid does not change value of condition box Evan defect undecided DojoX Grid 1.7.2
#7448 setViewportDimension Contribution anonymous enhancement high Core 1.1.1
#11418 slideContainer only resizes in FF 2 or 3 times before freezing defect high Dijit 1.2.0
#15085 strange behavior with concatenating 2 NodeLists Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.7.2
#10762 support optgroup in FilteringSelect and ComboBox anonymous enhancement high General 1.4.0
#18148 templateString replacers ${} defect undecided Parser 1.10.0
#7847 test_grid_column_reorder.html not working in IE6 Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.2.0
#15804 tests.request.iframe::ioIframeGetText, test failure (opera) Bryan Forbes defect undecided IO 1.7.3
#16254 tests/json.js test serializeCircular crashes Rhino defect undecided Core 1.8.1
#16062 tooltips are not displayed in the right place when chart are mirrored Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.8.0
#12409 unify dojo.cache and requirejs inlined text resources James Burke defect high Core 1.6.0rc1
#17265 view transitions are broken defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.9.0
#18220 visible range in TimeTextBox is not showing the correct range defect undecided Dijit 1.10.0
#14841 widgetsInTemplate for dojox.dtl._DomTemplated widgets not working properly Michael Wu defect undecided DojoX DTL 1.7.2
#12792 wrong layout children lookup or not safe .substring call causes _LayoutWidget regression in 1.6 defect high Dijit 1.6.0

Resolution: worksforme (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#18824 "ancestor.contains is not a function" after upgrading to 1.11.1 defect undecided General 1.11.1
#18311 "dojo/Stateful" set() calls getter too defect undecided General 1.10.1
#9109 #7748 returned in 1.3.0? dojo.clone fails in FF and not IE sjmiles defect high Events 1.3.0
#18823 'KeyboardEvent.keyLocation' is deprecated with onkeyPress event dylan defect undecided Events 1.11.0
#10252 'undefined' is null - hostenv_browser.js bill defect high Dijit 1.4.0b
#11413 (Fixed Code Provided) AccordionContainer fails when removing selectedChildWidget defect high Dijit 1.4.2
#14879 :nth-child() failures on chrome (selector=css3) Kris Zyp defect undecided Query 1.7.2
#7466 A11y activated when Prototype.js exists - trashes page style Becky Gibson defect high Accessibility 1.1.1
#7973 Ability to consistently override Dijit style on creation defect high Dijit 1.2.0
#10189 AccordionContainer defect high Dijit 1.3.2
#15212 After clicking the menu bars, dashed lines will appear in firefox only defect undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#16560 Allow for single item click handler for Menus bill enhancement undecided Dijit 1.8.3
#11350 Android switch sticks Damien Mandrioli defect high DojoX Mobile 1.5.0b2
#14813 Arrow icon now showing for ComboBox Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#15082 AutoCompleterMixin fails to run Douglas Hays defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.2
#13941 Border Layout IE9 splitter problem defect high Dijit 1.6.1
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