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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#18790 dojox/mobile/_maskUtils.js, getCSSCanvasContext no longer provided by Chrome Patrick Ruzand defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.4
#18038 dojox/mobile/SwapView: color misfit (white on white) for page indicator in iOS7 theme Damien Mandrioli defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.0-beta1
#18486 dojox/mobile/SearchBox: misbehavior of cancel button on iOS Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.4
#18035 dojos mobile iOS7 theme: heading style is different from native one Damien Mandrioli defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.0-beta1
#18911 dojo/dom-geometry getContentBox returns incorrect left/top values Dylan Schiemann <[email protected]…> defect undecided HTML 1.11.2
#18138 dijit/layout/LayoutContainer layoutPriority unexpected results Bill Keese <[email protected]…> defect undecided General 1.10.0
#18055 [PATCH][CLA] Update dojox/jsonPath/query.js to be full AMD. Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement undecided Dojox 1.10.0-beta1
#18060 [PATCH][CLA] Allow null stroke and non-null outline in chart plots Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Charting 1.10.0-beta1
#18079 [PATCH][CLA] Allow chart margins to be defined in the theme file. Jared Jurkiewicz enhancement undecided Charting 1.10.0-beta1
#18365 Test ticket rchady defect undecided Operations 1.10.2
#18883 StatefulArray.watchElements provide inconsistent argiments values (adds and removals) Ed Chatelain defect undecided DojoX MVC 1.11.2
#18534 Missing documentation for /api/1.10/dojox/store/LocalDB Carmelo Woodgett task undecided Dojox 1.10.4
#18862 FilteringSelect does not clear value in IE in all cases bill defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.11.2
#18036 Dojox mobile iOS7 theme: invisible right item in a list Damien Mandrioli defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.0-beta1
#18040 Dojox mobile iOS7 theme: invisible label on icon container icons Damien Mandrioli defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.0-beta1
#18039 Dojox mobile iOS 7 theme: dijit calendar week days displayed black on black. Damien Mandrioli defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.10.0-beta1
#15359 Chart: Adding new series slides theme Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.7.2
#18886 Array length issues for dojox/string/BidiEngine Kitson Kelly defect undecided Dojox 1.11.2
#19035 Add catch alias to match ECMA specification naming dylans <[email protected]…> feature undecided Core 1.12.2

Resolution: invalid (81 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#16531 ymin ymax bug in dojox/charting/plot2d/common superdweebie defect undecided Charting 1.8.2
#12522 www defect high General 1.6.0
#9838 wipein and wipeTo not working Bryan Forbes defect high fx 1.3.2
#14565 win.body() undefined Eugene Lazutkin defect high Dijit 1.7.1
#7384 var q = dojo.queryToObject((new dojo._Url(document.location)).query); fails on URL without query string anonymous enhancement low Query 1.1.1
#17734 updating the dojo validation text box value using javascript mayatuli defect undecided Dijit 1.3.2
#18530 update dojo FilteringSelect in dojo datagrid when onchange of another FilteringSelect defect undecided General 1.10.4
#16031 typo in dojo/request/notify.js causes document parser to crash defect undecided General 1.8.0
#14082 transition to dynamic view fails on safari mobile browser ykami defect high DojoX Mobile 1.7.0b1
#18245 traceback in StackController if page specifies its own id fbest defect undecided Dijit 1.9.0
#17655 tooltip on stacked bar chart is causing series to show on mouse over action when series are hidden by legend czhang defect undecided Charting 1.9.2
#15029 timezone format does not comply with iso_8601 Adam Peller defect undecided Date 1.7.2
#9702 timeTextBox not being passed via _POST defect high Dijit - Form 1.3.2
#7515 this.inherited(arguments) exception request sjmiles enhancement high Core 1.1.1
#15582 this.inherited does not work for dojo.extend Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Core 1.7.2
#14915 this.attr('value') is empty object, for Dijit Dialog mangaya defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.2
#9421 this._construct is not a function at line 2702 of Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD 1.3.0
#16603 the programmatic example for GridLayout doesn't work as expected Eric Durocher defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.8.3
#7730 test ticket, please close me anonymous defect high General 1.2beta
#15566 templated widgets don't initialize supporting widgets correctly Randy Hudson defect undecided Dijit 1.7.3
#18147 templateString replacers ${} [email protected] defect undecided Dijit 1.10.0
#10493 tab indexes defect high Dijit 1.4.0
#7958 some demos on dojo-book is not working defect high Documentation 1.2.0
#14659 setting autoComplete to false does not stop the input search in dijit.form.ComboBox sevenoda feature undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.1
#9457 setTimeout and dojo modules scope issues anonymous defect high General 1.3.1
#14913 set first day of the week sweb task undecided Dijit 1.7.2
#16611 selector/lite should pass through rooted queries in modern browsers defect undecided Core 1.8.3
#17183 script type="dojo/require" in template fails on IE7/8 defect undecided Parser 1.9.0
#15776 root nls can't be included in custom build Rawld Gill defect undecided BuildSystem 1.8.0rc1
#14546 require() to return a Deferred Rawld Gill enhancement high Loader 1.7.1
#15442 require("dojo/dojo.js") on nodejs not working properly Rawld Gill defect undecided Loader 1.7.2
#16160 removing class from node with no classes using domClass.remove causes a class "undefined" to be added defect undecided HTML 1.8.0
#18064 relative image path not updated when optimizing css during dojo build joyceyu defect undecided BuildSystem 1.9.3
#17469 regression: IE dijit/form systemic failures defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.5
#16713 registry.byNode is broken when trying to get toolbar widget bill defect undecided Dijit 1.8.3
#15601 query.slice is not a function on hovering menubar item behemot defect undecided General 1.8.0b1
#13053 providing locale information switzerland Adam Peller enhancement high Internationalization 1.6.1
#17625 programmatic dojox/mobile/ScrollablePane does not scroll Adrian Vasiliu defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.9.1
#17845 progback gets never call in IE8 after request Bryan Forbes defect undecided IO 1.9.3
#10115 problem while moving data between two DataGrids in DOJO 1.4 beta Nathan Toone defect high DojoX Grid 1.4.0b
#8041 problem inserting programmatically a widget with widgetsInTemplate defect high Dijit 1.2.0
#16610 pop-up teltale not attached to bubble window miker defect undecided Dijit 1.8.1
#15741 playing local files using dojox.av.FLVideo dante defect undecided DojoX Widgets 1.7.3
#15700 placeHolder stays on programmatic focus Chris2 defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.3
#17135 parser.instantiate() unsuccessful on tab containers bill defect undecided Parser 1.9.0
#17415 parser.construct and Slider - error defect undecided Parser 1.9.1
#13077 parser object invalid if first in require list Rawld Gill defect high BuildSystem 1.6.1
#18822 parser does not always honor stopParser bill defect undecided Parser 1.11.0
#10861 parentInfo.item in dijit.tree.TreeStoreModel is wrong according to anonymous defect high Dijit
#15772 packages.location ignored since [29249] Rawld Gill defect undecided Loader
#9166 onRowClick not firing first time row is selected in a DataGrid in a Dialog Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.0
#11720 onLoad is never called if content is specified when creating a Dialog defect high Dijit 1.5
#18383 onChanged method is not triggered for of type "number" when a String value is typed swiftfoot defect undecided DojoX Mobile 1.9.4
#18597 onChange event not firing in dijit CheckBox defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.10.4
#17406 on.selector catches events on disabled elements (chrome, IE) defect undecided Events 1.9.1
#15861 on(window, 'onresize', ..... not working defect undecided Events 1.8.0
#17676 on used before it is defined in dojo.js defect undecided Core 1.9.2
#12518 node.nodeType Failing in IE9 sjmiles defect high HTML 1.6.0
#18693 naming an input field on a form with a '.' as part of the name nhardy defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.8.1
#14963 multiple selection of dojox.form.Uploader doesn't work in Safari Mike Wilcox defect undecided DojoX Uploader 1.7.2
#7278 move impossible with user-provided creator function Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD 1.1.1
#18217 modules sharing works strange - all changes are in all parent widgets [email protected] defect undecided Loader 1.10.0
#8377 mll[x] is not a function error - loader.js anonymous defect high Core 1.2.3
#15796 missing axis labels in dojo1.8 bar chart cjolif defect undecided Charting 1.8.0rc1
#11149 menue slow to set up anonymous enhancement high Dijit 1.5.0b2
#18853 lose focus when navigating editable cell using tab key with enhanced grid defect undecided General 1.7.2
#13163 local image plugin broken Jared Jurkiewicz defect high Editor 1.6.1
#17742 labels in bar chart not aligned properly Eugene Lazutkin defect undecided Charting 1.9.2
#17524 js-doc-parse traces when require to external link defect undecided Doc parser 1.9.1
#16377 jaws14 can not read dijit dialog which is showing from a timeout ajax method dragonli defect undecided Accessibility 1.6.1
#17202 issues with TitlePane as a child of BorderContainer ben hockey defect undecided Dijit 1.9.0
#16639 issue with dijit.form.Select with bidi languages on IE8/IE9 murtdagi defect undecided Dijit - Form 1.7.3
#14661 invalid test ticket defect undecided General 1.7.1
#18665 intermittent Flash issue in chrome Adam Peller defect undecided Dojox 1.7.6
#16888 innerHTML not function [email protected] defect undecided General 1.8.3
#16554 inherited calls function on "this.prototype" instead of superClass defect undecided General 1.8.3
#17830 in ie11, has("ie") is undefined defect undecided General 1.9.3
#8587 impact between Form and multi-ContentPane within a StackContainer defect high Dijit 1.2.2
#12454 img.tut_preview on tutorials too high in Opera miketaylr defect high Website 1.6.0
#7699 iframe.send not work with form arguments James Burke defect high IO 1.1.1
#17293 how to use Custom build in target page vibhorvaish defect undecided WebBuilder 1.9.1
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