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#11197 DataChart doesn't mixin markers: false dylan defect high Charting 1.5.0b2

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14770 TabContainer - nesting bug - width property Matej defect low Dijit 1.7.1
#13879 Decouple DOH performance test analytics from browser haysmark enhancement high TestFramework 1.6.1
#12609 dijit.form.Form from xhr requires body in IE8 Douglas Hays defect high Dijit - Form 1.6.0
#12384 IE8 keeps throwing 'nodeType' is not null error somik defect high DojoX GFX 1.6.0rc1
#12279 dojox.charting.Chart2D destroy not working as designed j105rob defect high Charting 1.5
#12010 dojox.charting.chart2d - margins don't work correctly sgourley defect high Charting 1.5
#11960 IE7: Editor in Dialog cannot receive focus defect high Editor 1.5
#11619 dojox dnd testing Eugene Lazutkin defect high Dojox 1.5
#11337 ContentPane: setting AccordionContainer as contents causes duplicate ID defect high Dijit 1.4.2
#11128 dojo.dnd Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8 text selection issues Eugene Lazutkin defect high DnD 1.4.2
#10820 Add popout window to DOH haysmark enhancement high TestFramework 1.4.0
#10711 Making command-line arguments available in profile smellycat enhancement low BuildSystem 1.4.0
#10424 Problem with dijit.InlineEditBox defect high Dijit 1.3.2
#10296 Menu: Destroying menu items with focus leaves widget in a bad state Adam Peller defect low Dijit 1.4.0b
#9983 sparse array trick fails on Opera 10 Kris Zyp defect high Events 1.3.2
#9891 Email validation textbox explorer example broken Shane O'Sullivan task high Documentation 1.3.2
#9876 Grid sort should persist across the life of the grid instance Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.2
#9874 [patch][cla]ComboBox Grid Cell does not close popup when editing is cancelled dstarke defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.2
#9830 Error when creating dojo build Goran Miskovic enhancement low BuildTools 1.1.1
#9739 DataChart - multiple series Mike Wilcox enhancement high Charting 1.3.2
#9716 [patch] [cla] DTL variables in attribute nodes not replaced when empty carpie defect low DojoX DTL 1.3.2
#9711 Can not make custom build. virsir defect low BuildTools 1.3.2
#9688 [patch] dojo._getIeDispatcher() doesn't return value. Kris Zyp defect high Events 1.3.2
#9667 add/remove columns to the grid dynamically Bryan Forbes enhancement low DojoX Grid 1.3.1
#9594 broken link in feature explorer on clj2289 defect high Website 1.3.2
#9547 [PATCH][CCLA] Editor: IE Horizontal scrollbar calc in view returns incorrectly. Jared Jurkiewicz defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.0
#9493 big increase flexibility of with little changes James Burke enhancement high IO 1.3.1
#9461 Animation on bar charts Adam Peller enhancement high Charting 1.3.0
#9383 [patch] [cla] Slideshow Widget Fullscreen Image support David Leonardi enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.3.0
#9342 dojo1.3: dojo.attr() did not work for attribute "src" in IE8. Eugene Lazutkin defect high HTML 1.3.0
#9340 [CLA] Outlook-style event recurrence pattern - UI and utilities dlampert enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.3.1
#9262 [patch] [cla] Slideshow widget enhancement request [mofified source included, for review and adaptation] David Leonardi enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.3.0
#9217 dojo.cookie can not change window scope. defect high Core 1.3.0
#9148 Can't set !important property when using setter Eugene Lazutkin defect high Core 1.3.0
#9122 [patch] [cla] dojox.grid.DataGrid: setStore doesn't resize the grid if there are no items in the store msmith defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.0
#9045 Weird condition in query.js file (dojo/base) julienlegall defect low Query 1.3.0
#9035 build: scope params cannot be set in profile dante defect low BuildSystem 1.3.0
#9032 Consider allowing setting local variables via Loader trickery James Burke defect high Loader 1.3.0
#9010 dojox.charting themes contain too few colors Tom Trenka defect high Charting 1.3.0rc2
#8912 [patch] [cla] serious memory leak in dojox.dtl in IE liucougar defect low DojoX DTL 1.3.0b3
#8840 [patch][cla] dojox.dtl: in IE, tabIndex parsing error liucougar defect low DojoX DTL 1.3.0b2
#8832 Custom build scopeMap 'mydojo' vs 'my.dojo' jayantbsai enhancement high BuildSystem 1.3.0b2
#8740 dojox.grid.DataGrid cells can't mix colspan & rowspan aqsalter defect high DojoX Grid 1.3.0b1
#8723 dojox.dtl: style is not preserved liucougar defect low DojoX DTL 1.3.0b1
#8641 dojox.grid title column not lined up with data column Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.2.3
#8591 Pager scrolls one pixel more when scrolling to the right side David Leonardi defect high DojoX Widgets 1.2.3
#8588 Cross Domain build exception vincentastek defect high BuildSystem 1.2.3
#8585 [dojo.query] Extract pattern matching alex defect high Query 1.2.3
#8529 problem with debugAtAllCost and _Grid.js yherve defect high DojoX Grid 1.2.3
#8513 Menu: reversed focus events on menu and menu items when menu is first opened wwalker defect high Accessibility 1.2.3
#8383 maven release mechanism Greg Wilkins enhancement low BuildSystem 1.2.3
#8376 Grid does not automatically refresh after you delete large numbers of items that back it ptwobrussell defect high DojoX Grid 1.2.3
#8264 Dojo Grid editable field not displaying "<something" Bryan Forbes defect high DojoX Grid 1.1.1
#8263 [patch]dojox.grid.DataGrid does not honor sortDesc of cell rjones defect blocker DojoX Grid 1.2.2
#8216 [CLA][Patch] Box and whisker plot pogil enhancement low Charting 1.2.1
#8208 grid.rowHeightChanged(rownum) does nothing flaggedatbest defect high DojoX Grid 1.1.1
#8136 FilePicker: preserve last-used directory Nathan Toone enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.2.1
#8062 Error in custom build with 1.2.1 James Burke defect high BuildTools 1.2.1
#8049 Weird timing issue with firebug stubs in bootstrap.js when loading XHTML document causes exception during load otakuj462 defect low Core 1.2.0
#8038 Cannot set cookie for various conditions under IE6 or IE7 ptwobrussell defect high Core 1.2.0
#8033 doh.runner: using multiple doh.Deferred objects in a callback chain will cause a failed test to reported as "passed". dylan defect high TestFramework 1.2.0
#7943 Can't load doh.robot "remotely". Joseph Scheuhammer enhancement high TestFramework 1.2.0
#7777 Add a "Not Editable" method to the "FilteringSelect" component. Nathan Toone enhancement high DojoX Form 1.2beta
#7751 dojox.dtl.filter.strings.slugify bug rsaccon defect low DojoX DTL 1.2beta
#7689 Have dojo.js detect for already loaded dojo James Burke defect high Loader 1.2beta
#7670 extra HTML escapes in parameter documentation Neil Roberts defect high Doc parser 1.2beta
#7653 dojox-widget-colorpicker onchange event does not always return the correct color dante enhancement high DojoX Widgets 1.1.1
#7567 dojox.html._ContentSetter should evaluate scripts prior to the call of the super class method Sam Foster defect high Dojox
#7492 When to select and when to edit David Schwartz enhancement high DojoX Grid 1.1.1
#7470 [suggestion] Add more hooks for various events in every dijit enhancement high Dijit 1.1.1
#7439 robot: scrolling sometimes not reset on refresh haysmark defect low TestFramework 1.1.1
#7385 dojox.fx.highlight doesn't fade back to original color it fades back to the color when it started dave_daniel enhancement high fx 1.1.1
#7363 [regression] Dojo Editor spawns multiple dijitEditorArea elements on Enter press - trunk version defect high Editor 1.1.1
#7261 JsonRest eager fetch maulin enhancement low DojoX Data 1.1.1
#6997 Refactor the Bayeux specification document gregwilkins task high DojoX Cometd 1.1.1
#6743 Toasters in ie6 dante defect high DojoX Widgets 1.1.0
#6719 Implement a visual indicator of currently visible area in regards to global limits rnucera enhancement low Charting 1.1.0
#6655 Enable API doc editing by a select group Neil Roberts task high Doc parser 1.1.0
#6498 Animated 'y' value labels for dojox.charts guest enhancement low Charting 1.1.0
#6293 dojox.widget.FileInputAuto in test_FileInput.html not working in FF 2.0 guest defect high DojoX Widgets 1.1b1
#6059 dojox.fx.addClass will not override classes set in an object's ID style dante defect high Dojox 1.1b1
#5950 [patch][cla] dojox.dtl : extending widgetInTemplate support Neil Roberts enhancement low DojoX DTL 1.0
#5755 Form submit doesn't work after anonymous defect high General 1.0
#5641 Tooltip remains open if button disabled defect high Dijit 1.0
#5630 [patch] [ccla] Not able to run DOH tests from outside of the dojo/tests directory haysmark defect high TestFramework 1.0
#5403 Firebug Extensions Mike Wilcox enhancement high Dojox 1.0
#5208 regarding "Netvibes/pageflakes DnD" Eugene Lazutkin enhancement low DnD 1.0
#5189 Discard layers with same name as a dependency causes problems? Rawld Gill defect high BuildSystem 0.9
#5149 testUrl runs default tests Adam Peller defect low TestFramework 1.0
#5144 Have a short function wrapper for debugAtAllCosts Neil Roberts enhancement low Core 1.0
#5129 Forum post page need sidebar block for recent posts in that forum? Sam Foster enhancement high Website 1.0
#5126 Blog page blocks Sam Foster enhancement high Website 1.0
#5087 in-page anchors Sam Foster enhancement high Website 1.0
#4412 make sure mail demo is accessible Becky Gibson task low Accessibility 1.0
#3961 [meta] base size reductions alex defect high Core 0.9
#3121 [meta] fill in missing tests and expand weak Core test sets alex task low Core 0.9
#2694 [patch][needs cla] browser.undo supports "preEvent" guest enhancement high General 0.4.2
#2536 dojo.requireIf fails in custom build with parentheses condition [email protected] defect high BuildSystem 0.4.2rc1
#2123 [charting] Series visibility toggling Eugene Lazutkin task high Charting 0.4
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