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#7568 fixed dojox.grid.DataGrid.update() isn't working properly if the grid is not visible (e.g. on a tab pane currently not displayed) Nathan Toone Achim Klotz

I'm placing a grid on a tab pane, then switching to another tab and calling the grid.update() method.

If I'm now turning back to the tab with the grid onto, the grid layout is completely destroyed.

See the attached file (should be put into the grid/tests folder) for an example

The grid is on tab 1, a button calling the update method on tab 2. After clicking the button and returning to tab1 the grid isn't visible any more

#10992 fixed FilteringSelect doesn't accept non Javascript identifiers as option values Achim Klotz

In a FilteringSelect? box it's not possible to use option values which contains special characters:

<select dojoType="dijit.form.FilteringSelect">
  <option value="~test1" selected>value 1</option>
  <option value="x[2]">value 2</option>
  <option value="x&5">value 3</option>		

the reason seems that the values are used as object property names in the html.js line 1475: value = node[propName];

see also the attached test file

#14966 fixed demos/mobileGeoCharting: updates needed to resync with 1.8 (dojo-trunk). cjolif Adrian Vasiliu

Updates are needed in demos/mobileGeoCharting to cope with the changes in the dojo-trunk (Dojo 1.8) version of

Reproduced with as of 6 March 2012.

How to reproduce:

  1. Launch demos/mobileGeoCharting/demo.html in a desktop browser.

==> The console contains: GET 404 (Not Found) Uncaught TypeError?: Object [Widget, yearSlot] has no method 'getValue' src.js:28

  1. Modify demos/mobileGeoCharting/src.js to add the import of demos/mobileGeoCharting/demo.html and launch again.

==> The console contains: GET 404 (Not Found) [MIG:error] SpinWheel?.css is no longer in the themes/common folder. It is in a device theme folder. migrationAssist.js:293[MIG:fixed] SpinWheelSlot?: no longer accepts array-type attribute like labels="['A','B','C','D','E']". Specify as labels="A,B,C,D,E" instead. migrationAssist.js:438[MIG:fixed] SpinWheelSlot?: getValue() is no longer supported. Use get("value") instead.

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