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#5406 fixed "above" tooltip display/positioning problems bill

Noticed a number of tooltip display/positioning problems when the tooltip is above the target node. Seen in test_Tooltip.html after pressing the "above/below" button.

General: "Above" tooltip sometimes appears too low, especially the first time the tooltip is shown. Happens even when page isn't scrolled. (IE, FF, Safari)

IE6: above tooltip: tooltip connector triangle overlaps tooltip contents (IE6 only)

FF2: can see border between connector and tooltip contents - this is fixed in FF3 so won't fix for FF2.

#9908 fixed "already called" error on chrome bill bill

Loading test_Editor.html (or anything w/an editor) causes an "already called" error.

The problem is this code:

if(dojo.isWebKit){ // Safari seems to always append iframe with src=about:blank
	setTimeout(function(){ifr.setAttribute('src', s);},0);

That causes the iframe to load twice, calling onLoad() twice, which then calls onLoadDeferred.callback() (twice).

#18824 worksforme "ancestor.contains is not a function" after upgrading to 1.11.1 paulrutter

After upgrading to 1.11.1, i've found the following error to occur quite often when hovering over domNodes.

"ancestor.contains is not a function" 

In dom.js line 104. I've tried to debug and found out that sometimes the "ancestor" var is not a domNode, but a Dojo widget (which does not have "contains" as a method). Please investigate this issue and provide a patch.

I will monkeypatch dom.js for now, so the "old" check is used.

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