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#17157 fixed dojox/mobile/ComboBox popup menu opens and closes incorrectly Adrian Vasiliu sgrebnov


  1. ComboBox opens correctly only the first time it is clicked. The next time only popup menu title opens, menu items are not displayed.
  1. If the value of the top position of the popup menu is greater than the value of the screen height, the popup menu closes immediately after scrolling.
#17159 fixed dojox/mobile (1.9+) API doc fixes and improvements Adrian Vasiliu Adrian Vasiliu

This ticket collects various API doc fixes and improvements for Dojo Mobile 1.9+.

#17161 duplicate RoundRectList: cannot use on() for methods introduced by editableMixinClass Adrian Vasiliu Paul Christopher


See attached test case: It seems that you cannot connect to onXX methods introduced by mixins. E.g. look at dojox/mobile/EdgeToEdgeList which is made editable by setting "editable:true". This causes dojox/mobile to require _EditableListMixin and mix it in using safeMixin (RoundRectList's postCreate method line 94). However connecting to "onDeleteItem" using the syntax

mylist.on('deleteitem', function(){...});

does not work.

The reason is twofold as far as I can see as a newbie:

  • On the one hand, after the safeMixin has happend, "this.constructor._onMap" is not reset in order to make _WidgetBase's _onMap search for new entries.
  • On the other hand, searching by _onMap is not successful, since _onMap only searches in "this.constructor.prototype". But the OnDeleteItem method is part of "this" only and not "this.constructor.prototype".
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