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#17283 fixed 1.6 fails to build release haysmark haysmark

Using the new git build scripts, it seems that 1.6.2 does not build. The main issues:

  • 1.6 is missing some package.json files
  • 1.7 moved the version info from bootstrap.js to kernel.js
#14020 fixed 1.6 profiles with layerDependencies don't convert properly Rawld Gill dfabulich


Pull down at revision 26720 (current head)

Unzip the attached "layerbug" directory in the trunk directory; the layerbug directiory should be a sibling of dojo and util directories.

$ cd util/buildscripts $ ./ action=release profileFile=../../layerbug/profile.js


running under node.js warn(218) the command line switch profileFile is deprectated; use profile for both files and profiles error(351) Cannot deduce module identifier from layer dependency layer name: ../layerbug/bar.js; layer dependency name: errors on command line; terminating application.


This layer file built correctly in 1.6.1, so it should continue to work in 1.7.0.

#16855 wontfix 1.6 with AMD multiversion impossible - defineQuery scope is wrong Rawld Gill lee

Sorry this is long but I'm documenting several use cases our company might need to use if we need to co-exist legacy and AMD versions. Unfortunately the legacy versions are licensed builds and provide functionality we may still need to use.

Co-existing AMD with legacy versions is fine as long as it's not 1.6 (an example of what I was doing is at, a bug I raised against 1.8 for co-existing legacy less than 1.6 is at - this works fine as long as AMD is noGlobals:true)

1.6 was the transition to AMD therefore it's not possible to use 1.6 source with 1.7/1.8 as define is already defined. So I create a built version of 1.6 using scopeMap to move global dojo/dijit/dojox 1.6 out of the way - this may not actually be necessary if noGlobals:true are used for AMD packages. It's interesting to note it's fine using source versions less than 1.6 with AMD source.

Anyway, I found a problem with scoping dojo 1.6 and dojo.query where defineQuery is called. The error is dojo.query is undefined (Object has no method 'query') where a widget (dijit.form.DropDownButton?) calls dojo.query in it's _fillContent method.

In the attached build dojo.js.uncompressed.js it's at line 9723.


Is undefined however

dojo and this["dojo16"]

are defined

Reading this makes me realise I shouldn't really need to move 1.6 out of the way if noGlobals:true and maybe it won't be a problem, I'll re-run another build to test this.

I hacked the built 1.6 dojo.js.uncompressed.js at line 9723 to make it work (you'll see the comments) and have a test running which looks good so far.

I realise it's difficult to provide tests for this as you need to run a build with the scopeMap config, profile and associated code so I've attached the 1.6 dojo.js.uncompressed.js.
So I've attached my build profile and the test file (which is using dojo, dijit and dojox for enough coverage though I still think I should test more modules to feel more comfortable). However this test works as I'd expect, if you comment out dojo.js.uncompressed.js at line 9713 and uncomment the original code at line 9721 you'll see the problem.

If you need me to explain this better let me know, I've spent a couple of days debugging this so I may be going off on a tangent. The test html file (legacyandamd1.html) should provide enough explanation though and the mailing list references I used

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