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#14907 invalid 1.5.2 shrinksafe packaging issue vsimha vsimha

If you upgraded from dojo 1.5.0 to 1.5.2 to support IE9 browsers. The build infrastructure uses the shrinksafe which comes within the full-Dojo-package zipped. The libraries do not work on IE9 because of the older version of shrinksafe being packaged within 1.5.2.

Solution - Download the Shrinksafe zip file (available for download separately in 1.5.2 release) which has the right version. Could you please update the which has the right shrinksafe version...

#11282 invalid 1.6 EnhancedGrid new features Bryan Forbes evan

This ticket will contain the forthcoming new features for EnhancedGrid? targeting 1.6, includes:

  1. Default nested sorting
  2. Exporter & Printer
  3. Pagination
  4. Filtering
  5. New DnD model, cell selection
  6. Global search
  7. Persistence e.g.column width|order, sorting etc.
  8. More to come
#13845 fixed 1.6 built layers need dojo._hasResource Rawld Gill Douglas Hays

Prior to 1.7, built code contained a lot of statements like:


But now, _hasResource is undefined and thus custom user code that does not use Dojo but built using the build tools doesn't work anymore and has to be rebuilt, even though it doesn't even use Dojo APIs. For backward compatibility, we should add back the dojo._hasResource empty object.

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