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#10351 invalid 1.4b2 form overuns it's parent's boundaries spidey2099

I am using 1.4b2. When form widgets are added to a form asynchronously, the form will automatically grow to accommodate the added widgets. However - the growing form can exceed the boundaries of it's parent - in this case a content pane. When this happens the scrollbar (which used to appear in 1.3.2) does not appear and the form simply overruns it's parents boundaries.

I have tried setting the property overflow to auto (overflow:auto), but it does not work. Note that the containing node - a content pane - has it's height set to auto. Does this contribute to the problem?

#11575 fixed 1.5 shipped with dojo.version = 1.4 Douglas Hays Douglas Hays

dojo.version for 1.5 (dojo/_base/loader/bootstrap.js) contains:
major: 1, minor: 4, patch: 0, flag: "dev"
Showing as 1.4 is messing up some tools.

#11567 wontfix 1.5.0 breaks fadeIn in IE sjmiles mark007

A web tool I created does the following when loading the page.

1) Shows a loading screen, while loading alot of data in the background. 2) Then it uses a fadein to make the main div visible.

Since I upgraded this page to use dojo 1.5.0 the fadein doesn't work, ie the page appears completely white after loading. When hovering the mouse around the page I can see and actually right click on objects on the page, just the entire page remains white.

This only happens in IE 7 / IE 8. In firefox and chrome the fadein works, and all is visible.

Here is the simple fade in command to bring the div visible.

var loading_div=dojo.byId("loading_div");
var fadeIn = dojo.fadeIn({node: dojo.byId("mainTabContainer"),duration: 500});;

This tabcontainer div code starts like this.

<div id="mainTabContainer" dojoType="dijit.layout.TabContainer" style="width:100%;height:100%">

The CSS used to make the contents of the page invisible initially are.

        filter: alpha(opacity=0);

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