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#298 fixed Widget Manager and Z-Index bill [email protected]

The Widget manager needs methods to bring a widget to the front and control its stacking with respect to other widgets.

#303 fixed event.connectBefore apparent bug alex [email protected]

It isn't documented, but event.connectBefore appears nonfunctional when called as: event.connectBefore(myObject, "onmyevent", myAdviceFunction), where myAdviceFunction is a function (not a string).

Looks to me like it might want to do the argument interpolation first, then change the advice type to "before" after that is done.

-Cris Perdue

#304 fixed RemotePane.js Patch/Fix for Class anonymous kleite

At line 51 of RemotePane?.js, the "class" of the source DOM node is being copied to the new domNode. The wrong name is used to transfer the Class. V0.2.1 has the following line:

this.domNodeclass? = sourceclass?;

should be:

this.domNodeclassName? = sourceclassName?;

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