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#7691 fixed 1.2 and 1.3 translation changes Adam Peller Adam Peller

New resources which need to be translated in 1.2.1

_editor/nls/commands.js: tabIndent [14056] and pasteShortcutSafari [13273] (really should have been combined with systemShortcutFF

dojox/grid/nls/grid.js (revisit -- can this be graphical? dojox/layout/nls/GridContainer.js -- revisit: combine or eliminate strings? dojox/widget/nls/FilePicker.js: size should probably use a substitution pattern dojox/widget/nls/RollingPattern.js

#7692 wontfix 1.2b2 Dojox VirtualGrid test fails the supplied test_change_structure.html test on IE7/FF3 Bryan Forbes vlad

Run the distribution supplied test file dojox/grid/compat/tests/test_change_structure.html

Click on check box in the Alpha column -- it will leave the box checked

Click again -- it will leave the box unchecked

Repeat the above -- 5-6 times

Firebug shows this error: this.grid.canEdit is not a function

IE7 errors out: Line 16 object or property does not support this method

#9214 duplicate 1.3 Tests fail on IE6 / W2K Lightflowmark

Not all dijit tests in runTests.html pass on IE6 on my W2K box; log attached.

Also, other dijit tests fail, although I haven't run all the tests. For instance, test_Tree_Notification_API_Support.html fails with an out of memory error when you try to update the tree (first test).

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