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#294 fixed small patch to Dialog.js to fix reference error david [email protected]

the trunk source makes a call to this.onShow(node) if you don't have the fade events turned on. node is undefined - I believe the solution is to reference this.domNode instead of node.

#295 fixed implement dojo.text.DateFormat psowden psowden

Replace the multiple* functions with a single strftime function, especially the toMilitaryTimeString method.

It shouldn't be nessecary for dojo to provide numerous different "helper" methods in this arena, a strftime implementation allows the author more freedom with less lines of code on our part.

Assigning to self, just recording it here.

#296 fixed Dialog Widget error anonymous [email protected]

in widget/Dialog.js/setBackgroundColor

'color.toString()' raises Error in MS IE6.0

It works when I change the following 'color.toString() -> color.toHex()'

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