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#6453 fixed space bar doesn't select row with focus Bryan Forbes bill

Tried on FF3... the space bar doesn't select the currently focused row like double-click does.

Taken from IBM Design Leadership recommendations.

#6491 fixed deleting an item at the end of a grid with fast scrolling enabled errors Bryan Forbes guest

Fast scrolling allows the grid to fetch non incremental pages of data. If I have a datastore with enough data, I can move the scroll bar to the bottom and it will fetch the last page without fetching other pages above it. This means the array will contain "undefined" entries above the last page that was fetched. When I then delete one of the rows, the model gets the "onDelete" event and calls _storeDatumDelete which in turn calls _removeItems. model._removeItems attempts to rebuild the _rowIdentities by iterating through the array. It doesn't check if the array entries are actual objects or undefined and when trying to get the dojo_data_item and consequently fails.

The model._removeItems method should be changed to look like this...

_removeItems: function(inRowIndexes){, arguments); Rebuild _rowIdentities this._rowIdentities = {}; for (var i = 0; i <; i++){

var data =[i]; if ( data ) this._setRowId(data.dojo_data_item, 0, i);



#6526 wontfix support for JSONP with static callback Bryan Forbes kriszyp

With static resources that may be requested by JSONP, it is necessary to use a static callback. This patch adds support to for requesting resources with a static callback (url is the callback name). See:

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