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#11448 fixed "Type mismatch" error when loading dojo 1.4 in IE 6 sk8mini

Go to using IE 6.0.3790.3959 (64-bit)

A dialog opens with the error

Line: 16 Error: Type mismatch

I tracked it down to this to line 1619 dojo.js.uncompressed.js

var _handleNodeEvent = function(/*String*/evtName, /*Function*/fp){

summary: non-destructively adds the specified function to the node's evtName handler. evtName: should be in the form "onclick" for "onclick" handlers. Make sure you pass in the "on" part.

var _a = _w.attachEvent

evtName = _w.attachEvent ? evtName : evtName.substring(2); _a(evtName, function(){

fp.apply(_w, arguments);

}, false);


It seems this version of IE fails when calling window.attachEvent with three arguments. The references to attachEvent I've found say that it only takes two arguments because it always bubbles. I rewrote the function to make two different calls based on which function (attachEvent or addEventListener) it was calling and the error went away, allowing the rest of dojo to correctly load.

This is affecting my own application, but the test case of seemed particularly convenient to me.

#509 fixed "Unexpected indentation." in Roadmap dylan [email protected]

I'm seeing the following error message on the Roadmap:

System Message: ERROR/3 (/home/alex/dojo/trunk/documents/articles/, line 26)
Unexpected indentation.
#6077 duplicate "[Error: Unspecified error.]" in test_Editor.html on IE7 liucougar simonjb

To reproduce:

  • open dijit/tests/test_Editor.html in IE7
  • "[Error: Unspecified error.]" is logged to the Firebug Lite

I observed the behavior on XP with Dojo served up by Apache 2 on Windows.

I experimented a bit with the test file. The error goes away if the editor with id="thud" (created from a textarea) doesn't have a "paste" plugin. That is, if I add:


I see the error, but if I replace with:


it goes away.

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