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#28 fixed Compression kills object literals alex david

It converted the following:

{email: email}


{_796, _796}

which is completely incorrect. :(

#29 fixed dojo makes debugging un-necessarialy difficult alex alex

Dojo's package system handles module dependencies (and quite nicely, I might add), but the current in-browser system for dependency satisfaction relies on a synchronous XMLHTTP request to get a script file. The result is then eval()'d and it's dependencies are likewise satisfied synchronously.

This works nicely, but one of the unfortunate side-effects of the current system is to make debugging difficult because all scripts appear to be coming from an "eval()" statement somehere in bootstrap1.js. JavaScript? debuggers (like Venkman) deal with this poorly.

A solution for debugging purposes might be to use a modified version of the dependency satisfaction modifications which are used in the build system to get an ordered list of files to include. The resulting list (without the eval() step) could then be used to print out a series of document.write("<script />") calls which can place the scripts "in" the document, which would allow JavaScript? debuggers to point to line numbers and exact locations in code where errors occur.

#30 fixed context menu should be thin wrapper around menu cal alex

The context menu should inherit from the normal menu class and just simply provide positioning based on mouse coordinates.

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