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#9421 invalid this._construct is not a function at line 2702 of Eugene Lazutkin Aaron P Lehmann

I'm using Firefox 3.0.7 and dojo 1.3.0.

I create a dojo.dnd.Source declaratively:

<div dojotype="dojo.dnd.Source"

id="default_list" name="default_list" class="container" jsid="default_list" style="width: 25em;">

<script type="dojo/method" event="creator" args="data,hint">

var node = dojo.create('div'); var bc = new dijit.layout.BorderContainer?(

{style:'width: 20em; height: 2em; background: white;'}, node);

var cp = dijit.layout.ContentPane?({content: data, region:'center'}) bc.addChild(cp.domNode); return node;



Later I try to add a value to the list which I type into a dijit.form.TextBox? named "section_id", using the following function:

function add_button_pressed() {

var field = dijit.byId('section_id'); var value = [field.attr('displayedValue')]; default_list.insertNodes(false, value, false, false); field.attr('displayedValue', );


I get the following error:

this._construct is not a function (line 2702)

#2438 invalid changed dojo.gfx image shape from HTML to an actual VML shape Eugene Lazutkin Aaron Staves

The VML image shape is currently an HTML element within a <v:group> element. This causes the image to function differently than expected. A VML surface seems to clip shapes exceeding the boundaries automatically; however, when HTML is introduced, it seems to turn clipping off. This can be viewed here: Instead of clipping the shape that exceeds the boundaries, it scales the VML surface to fit the new shape. As a result, any existing shapes are also scaled, which makes the image appear smaller.

This patch makes the dojo.gfx Image an acutal <v:image> object, which seems to fix all of the problems discussed above. A test/example can be viewed here:

#131 fixed Iframe with mimetype text/plain does not return data James Burke Abdur-Rahman


I was trying to get fileupload working, and it worked perfect for except one thing. I have no javascript background (only java/c++/c/php/perl) but I didn't get any data back using the handler.

I checked the IframeIO.js file and on line 167 I found the code responsible for returning content, but this didn't work. I tryed to replace "value = ifw.innerHTML;" with "value = ifw.document.body.innerHTML;" and I got the inner html of the body. Don't know how to access the innerHTML of the document or windows object.

I don't know how to work with the xml/javascript object so... couldn't check those..

full code here.....



<script language="JavaScript?" type="text/javascript">

Dojo configuration djConfig = { isDebug: true };

</script> <script language="JavaScript?" type="text/javascript"


<script language="JavaScript?" type="text/javascript">

dojo.require("*"); dojo.require("");

var ctr = 0;

function sendIt(){

var bindArgs = {

formNode: document.getElementById("uploadForm"), mimetype: "text/plain", content: {

increment: ctr++, fileFields: "ul1"

}, handle: function(type, data, evt) {

dojo.debug(type); dojo.debug(data); dojo.debug(evt);


}; var request =;



</head> <body>

<form action="index.php" id="uploadForm"

method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data">

<input type="text" name="foo" value="bar"> <input type="file" name="ul1"> <input type="button" onclick="sendIt();" value="send it!">




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