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#22 fixed dojo.event.connect doesn't throw error with first argument null alex david

When I have the following:

dojo.event.connect(foo, "onSomething", ...)

And foo is null, the event still gets connected w/o throwing an error. This is doubly bad because it connects to dj_global (window in the browser). I think the problem lies in interpolateArgs where it gets the typeof foo and null is an object. I'd fix but I don't know the function well enough.

#23 worksforme dojo.event.connect bug alex antman

This doesn't work:

dojo.event.connect(create, "onclick", this, "createSticky");

Had to change it to this to make it work:

dojo.event.connect(create, "onclick", function() {



#24 wontfix Safari can't serialize sub-documents that aren't from HTML, and API is non-standard across others alex alex

Safari has nothing (although Aaron and Erik advise that Google's XPath implementation contains an XMLSerializer for Safari), IE has innerXML and Firefox as textContent. We need a standardized version to get the "innerXML" from a particular element, regardless of it's origin.

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