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#12126 invalid xhrGet: ioArgs are not passed on to dojo.Deferred.then Bryan Forbes Simon Speich

If I use the returned deferred instead of the load/error callbacks in a xhrGet(), the ioArgs are not passed to the dojo.Deferred.then(), e.g.:

var dfd = dojo.xhrGet({
	load: function(result, ioArgs) {
		console.log('load', result, ioArgs);
	error: function(err, ioArgs) {
		console.log('error', err, ioArgs);
// is not the same as:
dfd.then(function(result, ioArgs) {
	console.log('then', result, ioArgs); // ioArgs is undefined
}, function(err, ioArgs) {
	console.log('then', err, ioArgs); // ioArgs is undefined
#12467 fixed xhrGet rawBody docs not parsing Colin Snover Adam Peller

Add to the mysteries of our doc parser:

rawBody does not parse as a separate property, even though its syntax seems identical to the others. r23740 didn't seem to fix it. The problem has existed since 1.4. 1.3 seems ok.

props like 'load' 'error' and 'handle' didn't make it either, perhaps because of this failure. These are critical properties to make sure we get in the docs.

#3507 fixed xhrGet prints error in Console when cancelling a download James Burke mumme

Hi !

I hope this not by design, there were no tests for cancel in tests/_base/xhr.html
So I can't tell for sure.

The scenario is this:

  1. start a xhrGet
  2. cancel the xhrGet in order to get a start another xhrGet

The console gets a row with 'xhr error in: XMLHttpRequest'
followed by: 'Error: Deferred Cancelled'
And then the errback chain is triggered.

To me this sounds counter intuative, as we usually know when we cancel a xhrGet.
I'm attaching a patch with a extended test.

Fredrik Johansson

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