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#3300 patchwelcome Dialog, Tooltip: problems because they are moved to document.body bill guest

Dialog Tooltip contents, and drop downs (popups) are moved from their original position in the DOM tree to be direct children of <body>, thus:

  • causing a problem if you want to have *part* of a form inside a dialog and the rest of the form outside.
  • destroyRecursive() on a Dialog doesn't work
  • causes issues with styling, if the class=tundra tag is not on document.body but on a sub-node.

The reason we move them is that leaving a dialog attached to a sub-node has problems too... if the subnode is a div with limited size and overflow: hidden or overflow: auto, then the Dialog won't be able to display outside the div.

What to do?

#3563 patchwelcome investgate mechanism to detect images off in IE bill Becky Gibson

Currently images turned off in the browser is only detected in Firefox. Need to investigate how to test for this in IE without requiring synchronous load of an image.

#3564 patchwelcome provide a keyboard mechanism to move from layout pane to layout pane bill Becky Gibson

Needs design work as will also require support from within the layout widgets. Current idea is to have a pane manager which listens for a particular key sequence and sends focus through an ordered list of panes (pane equals some sort of layout container). Layout widgets would have to add panes into the pane manager list and notify pane manager when a particular pane has focus.

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