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#11096 duplicate Adding the possibility to insert widgets inside the Tree anonymous zladivliba

A very interesting new feature would be to allow users to use the tree as a base source for displaying widgets instead of text nodes.

This would allow to add text + inlineEditBoxes for exemple, show different widgets in orders, ... wild range of possiblilities.

#11393 worksforme Datagrid / JsonRestStore delete refresh bug Bryan Forbes zladivliba

The grid doesn't refresh it's content when I delete an item from a JsonRestStore?.

Each time I delete an item on the JsonRestStore?, the item is indeed deleted on the server (the DELETE request is executed) but the item stays inside the grid (untill next page refresh).

I haven't tested yet my code with another datastore but what I wrote is very simple and after discussion on Irc I really don't thnik the problems come from here.

Here's the code :


When user clicks show the details of the item dojo.connect(OpportunityGrid?, "onRowClick", function(e) {

Grid AD.item = OpportunityGrid?.getItem(e.rowIndex); AD.UpdateContent?();

dojo.byId("MenuDelete?").innerHTML = '<a href="javascript:deleteItem('+ OpportunityGrid?.getItem(e.rowIndex).id + ');"> Delete</a>';


When the page is loaded show the details of the first item on the grid dojo.connect(OpportunityGrid?, "_onFetchComplete", function(items){

Grid AD.item = OpportunityGrid?.getItem(0); AD.UpdateContent?();



========= This function is called by the user and deletes the item on the server (DELETE request) but not on the client

function deleteItem(value){


identity: value, onItem: function(item,request){

Tsk = item; OpportunitiesStore?.deleteItem(Tsk); OpportunitiesStore?.save();





Here's my grid.

<span dojoType="" jsId="OpportunitiesStore?" target="/opportunities/" idAttribute="id" ></span> <table dojoType="dojox.grid.DataGrid?" store="OpportunitiesStore?" jsId="OpportunityGrid?" style="width:100%; height:130px;" clientsort="true">



<th field="Account" width="13%">Account</th> <th field="id" width="5%" formatter="formatDel">Delete</th>




#11394 invalid InlineEditBox bug onhide zladivliba

There's a bug with the inlineEditBox when using it on a div that's hidden with css (that has display:none defined on css). Using this.TaskDetails?.style.display = "block"; after on the code, will show nothing.

Here's my code :

<div class="TaskContent?" TaskId?="${TaskId?}">

<div class="TaskAction?" dojoType="dijit.InlineEditBox?" editor="dijit.form.Textarea" dojoAttachEvent="onChange:changeTxt" dojoAttachPoint="InlineAction?">${Action}</div> <div class="TaskDetails?" dojoType="dijit.InlineEditBox?" editor="dijit.form.Textarea" dojoAttachPoint="TaskDetails?" >${ActionDetails?}</div>


And here's the css :

.TaskDetails? {float:left; width:100%; border: 0px solid #ccc; font-size:11px; color:#555; display:none;}

Now if I use this.TaskDetails?.style.display = "block"; after the inlineEditBox is define nothing gets shown

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