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#18989 fixed `dojox/widget/Rotator#destroy` attempts to destroy non-existent handler dylan mwistrand

When calling destroy on instances of dojox/widget/Rotator, an error is thrown if none of the panes has a waitForEvent property, and therefore Rotator#wfe is null instead of a subscription handle.

#18988 fixed (1.12.2) dojox.charting.plot2d.Pie ignores `radius` and 0 plot values. dylan mwistrand

When rendering a chart with options.label set to true, and with options.labelStyle set to "columns", any options.radius value is ignored. Further, labels for 0 plot values are never rendered, and in some cases result in the following error thrown from Pie.js L727:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'left' of undefined

As an example, this error can be generated in dojox/charting/tests/test_pie_smart_label.html by changing the first value (12.1) to 0. With v1.11, it was possible to display labels for empty (y: 0) plot values, and it is still desirable to be able to do so.

#18986 fixed DnD source prevent text selection when handles are being used. dylan denovichas

onSelectStart() in Container.js doesn't not check for the use of handles and stops the mouse click event from propagation to allows the selection of text for coping. The function should be;

onSelectStart: function(e){
   // summary:
   //    event processor for onselectevent and ondragevent
   // e: Event
   //    mouse event

   if(!this.withHandles && (!this.skipForm || !dnd.isFormElement(e))){

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