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#7624 fixed dojox.sql has a dependency on bradneuberg Brad Neuberg

If a core exception happens while inside of dojox.sql, it attempts to call"coreOperationFailed"). In scenarios where Dojox Offline is not being used this creates a further exception; fix this.

#7626 fixed [patch][ccla]Create test case for bradneuberg Brad Neuberg

Update the Dojo Storage test page to have a Remove Multiple button to test that functionality now that we have Save and Load Multiple test buttons.

#7627 wontfix Dojo Storage Can Sometimes Fail With Flash Storage Provider + Internet Explorer Shane O'Sullivan Brad Neuberg

I've been seeing this bug for a long time, but its very rare and hard to reproduce; I finally found a way to reproduce it. This only happens with Internet Explorer:

1) Go to

(change to be a simulated domain or the IP address of your local machine if running local development server)

2) Press the Configure button

3) Set the storage to zero to clear everything

4) Press the reload button to reload everything

5) Click the 'Save Test XML' link on the lower-left. You will be shown TWO permission prompts (which is incorrect, only one should be shown). Accept both. It reports that things saved correctly, but the 'testXML' label doesn't appear in the left-hand directory side.

6) Click the 'Save Test Book' link on the lower-left. An alert dialog appears that says '[object Error]'.

If you refresh the page, the 'testXML' label will correctly now appear on the left-hand side. From this point forwards, everything works correctly.

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