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#6025 worksforme Focus an editable Boolean field undos the previous edit Bryan Forbes wolfram

go here and do

  • change a cell in the column "Message"
  • without unfocusing!!!!! just click a checkbox in the column "Mark"

the value in the "Message" cell is being resetted to the previous value, this fix makes it work

#6085 fixed /dojox/grid/tests/test_edit.html doesn't work with IE6.0 SP2 Bryan Forbes guest

The editors : dojox.grid.editors.Select doesn't work, I've to click 3-4 times in the cell to see the select options. The 3 first times, the select options are displayed and hidden immediatly after.

This work fine on FF and IE 7.0

Same behaviour on 1.0.0, 1.0.1 and 1.0.2


#6251 invalid DOJO Grid not supporting display of nested objects in JSON data Bryan Forbes guest

The JSON data returned by server (using JSON lib) gives me data which has nested objects.

for e.g.

serverData =    [{"ab":1,"bc":1234567891,"cd":79.23,"de":1100,"ef":2109,"fg":1000,"gh":190,"hi":900, "empDetail":{"firstName":"abc", "lastName":"def"}},{"ab":2,"bc":"1234567892","cd":80.30,"de":1200,"ef":3118,"fg":2000,"gh":290,"hi":1000, "empDetail":{"firstName":"BLAH", "lastName":"BLAHBLAH"}}];

Here, i want to access "empDetail" properties like "empDetail.firstName", "empDetail.lastName".

I am trying to define the grid layout like this:

var empView = {
	cells: [[
	            { name: 'First Name', field: 'empDetail.firstName', width: '10em' },
	            { name: 'Last Name', field: 'empDetail.lastName', width: '10em' }

I would like to have the grid support nested objects, so i don't have to reformat the JSON data for each nested object and create a individual store for each nested object.

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