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#7236 fixed Dojo Flash regressed due to not working bradneuberg Brad Neuberg

In Dojo Flash there is a block of code that does something like the following: = containerStyle

This throws an exception now; I'm sure it used to work, so someone must have changed things.

#7538 fixed Gears Dojo Storage Provider should not display Gears permission dialog immediately, but rather when get() or put() operations are called bradneuberg Brad Neuberg

If you go to and have Gears installed, you will see a Gears permission dialog appear when the page loads. This is bad practice (see, but its not American Greetings fault, its mine. I need to modify the Gears Dojo Storage Provider to not display the prompt immediately, but to delay until a get() or put() operation is called so that the prompt appears when a user starts trying to do something that involves storage.

#7622 fixed dojox.flash test application incorrectly running multiple times on some browsers bradneuberg Brad Neuberg

On Safari, IE, and Chrome, the dojox.flash test application gets run multiple times on the same page incorrectly.

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