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#3294 fixed 0.9: xhr problems with XML on IE 6. alex Jared Jurkiewicz

One of my co-workers uncovered what appears to be a problem with xhrGet and IE 6 and local files. Namely, there are cases where it isn't returning the actual document. There will be a simple testcase attached that demonstrates the problem. Just drop them into dojo/test and open the file:


#3534 fixed 0.9: Dojo support for PUT filtering of URL parameters (dojo.xhrPut()) James Burke guest

Say URL = http://localhost:8081/doit?Z%2524db=db1&Z%2524user=johngalt If I pass URL to dojo.xhr{Get,Delete}, the URL is passed to the server "as is". If I pass URL to dojo.xhrPut, the URL is truncated and xhr transmits only "http://localhost:8081/doit" as the URL.

I realize that PUT is supposed to pass its content separately from the "url" property of the xhrPut(args), but contend that the client's URL should be respected and left unmodified.



#2747 fixed 0.9: _byId in _base/lfx.js is removed by the dojo compressor. James Burke James Burke

_byId is defined after it is first used. That causes a problem for the compressor.

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