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#5634 fixed [patch][cla] dojo.animateProperty does not use current style for colors if start or end missing Bryan Forbes Rawld Gill

If a color (e.g. "backgroundColor") is specified with only a start or end value, then revision 12117 attempts to use the current value of that property for the missing end point.

However, the closed getStyle function (line 426 of fx.js) calls parseFloat (line 431) on a "rgb(x, y, z)" value. This returns NaN and the end point ends up being white.

Example of problem and proposed repair attached. Repair tested in FF and IE.

#5730 invalid Grid resize can fail if parent node doesn't exist in 1.0.2 (fix for 4892 is incorrect) Bryan Forbes guest

While resizing my grids, I keep getting a "this.domNode has no properties" error from the VirtualGrid resize function.

The fix to ticket #4892 put the !this.domNode check too low down in the function, so it's after the line that checks !this.domNode.parentNode.

The if (!this.domNode) return; line added in changelist r11308 should be removed, and the if (!this.domNode.parentNode) at the start of the function should be changed to if (!this.domNode || !this.domNode.parentNode) return; to make sure this.domNode exists before trying to use it.

#5733 fixed dojodata not querying store feature after setData Bryan Forbes guest

I have been creating a datastore programatically and then assigning it to a which has been declared in the markup. The data store is an ItemFileWriteStore?. In the setData method of the model it does not query the features of this new store so I have to manually set _canWrite for changes in the model to be propagated to the store.

Should the model not automatically requery the features of the new store when using setData?

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