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#202 fixed [patch] Allow drag and drop of table rows alex Sylvain Wallez <[email protected]…>

Here's a patch to allow table rows to be drag'n dropped. This requires adding a surrounding <table> and <tbody> to the <tr>, and setting fixed widths to the <td>s to avoid them being packed.

#203 fixed Iterator bugs in the collection package [email protected] james dot talmage at jrtechnical dot com

Detailed description found in this thread at Dojo-Interest

#204 fixed dialog widget needs work bill alex

the current dialog widget feels unfinished. Currently it only "wraps" nodes from the page, when it should also take references to external URLs as dialog sources. Dialogs should support stock types, stock button sets, and stock border types.

Property attachment for content should be handled sanely and event attachment handled via template attachment style (or something near to it). Widget users currently are required to write these themselves.

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