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#18696 duplicate Portlet - DND Error in IE. dante newan

I attached an example for a portlet within a Bordercontainer (For the use with IE it has to be delivered by a webserver). In Firefox and Chrome the DND-Event works as it should:

  • Click on the portlet an keep the Mousebutton pressed to move the portlet around.
  • Release the Musebutton to drop the portlet at that place.

IE (version 11) shows a strange behaviour:

  • the portlet sticks to the cursor even after releasing the the mousebutton.
  • I need to click again to drop the portlet

With Dojo < 1.8 it does work within IE without any issues.

#18695 invalid Tree: TreeNode focus scrolls tree horizontally (IE, Edge) chensw chensw

The fix for #17765 only fixed the case that the horizontal scroll bar is generated by the <div class="dijitTree"> element.

However, while the 'overflow: hidden;' css value is set to the outer wrapped div, click to expand the treeNode(with label longer than the div with) would lose focus and scroll to right on IE.

Please see the attachments to compare the different behaviors while apply the CSS attribute to different div elements.

##working## .dijitTree{

overflow: auto;


##not working## .treeWrap{

overflow: auto;


#18693 invalid naming an input field on a form with a '.' as part of the name nhardy nhardy

The HTML spec allows for '.' to be a part of naming input fields in a form. However, when setting the value on a form, lang.getObject is called (_FormMixin._setValueAttr line 116 in 1.8.1) as opposed to obj[name] and the inputs are not set with the appropriate values.

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