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#279 fixed template files should check for <?xml and strip out to support svg template files alex dylan

Basically in order to view an svg template file in firefox 1.5, it requires an <?xml version= ... as the first line. However, this breaks the current implementation of the widget system.

I propose that xml declarations be stripped if they are in a template file, so that the template itself can be viewed in the browser during the design phase.

#280 fixed Add tolerance to DnD alex ilia_kantor

Current DnD is hard to use: one clicks on an object and it is considered dragging because of micromovements of his mouse.

A tolerance parameter should be added to DnD. It should be set in pixels, and dragging within radious of "tolerance" will be considered a click.

#282 fixed Topic subscription doesn't support anonymous functions anonymous david

I can't do the following:

dojo.event.topic.subscribe("foo", someObj, function() {...});
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