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#5172 fixed [PATCH][FP][CLA] FloatingPane resizing does not work in IE dante BlueFire

The resize function of the FP expected always the top and left position of the pane, but recieved only new width and height information from the ResizeHandle?. FF2 ignores this, but IE7 rightfully produces and error. The attached patch only sets top and left if the are present.

CLA on file: UPW Innovative IT-Lösungen GmbH

#5231 fixed [DojoX] [FP] [PATCH] [CLA] Properly start-up and layout single layoutable child dante BlueFire

It was not possible to add e.g. a TabContainer? to a FloatingPane? because the FP would never initiate an active resizing. The attached patch makes use of the provisions provided by FPs ancestor dojo.layout.ContentPane? to detect if the single child of the FP is a resizable widget. Resize-events are emitted to the child whenever the FP is resized. The area emitted to the child corresponds to the content area of the FP.

Also, in any case, during startup of the FP, an initial resize event is generated with the original position of the FP. This allows a potentially present child to initialize its size properly.

CLA on file: UPW Innovative IT-Lösungen GmbH

#5232 fixed [DojoX] [PATCH] [CLA] Non-active resizing for widgets in ResizeHandle dante BlueFire

This was done for the ResizeHandle? to do non-active resizing in conjunction with FloatingPane?. To test the functionality use the FP test cases instead of the RH test cases.

A single top-level resize helper is generated and reused for all resize operations. For it to be always displayed on top, it has to be a top-level div and it receives a high z-index (1000) via its CSS class.

CLA on file: UPW Innovative IT-Lösungen GmbH

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