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#5504 wontfix [patch][needs cla] dojox.grid.editors.Select doesn't use values Bryan Forbes guest

In a grid, when I use a dojox.grid.editors.Select, the value returned for the cell is always the label. To retrieve the value, the following modification should be done in dojoxgrid\_dataeditors.js:

dojo.declare("dojox.grid.editors.Select", dojox.grid.editors.Input, {
getValue: function(inRowIndex){
   var n = this.getNode(inRowIndex);
      var i = n.selectedIndex;
      var o = n.options[i];
      var v = this.values[i];
      return this.cell.returnIndex ? i : v || o.value || o.innerHTML;
#5598 invalid [testcase] Wildcard asterisk in a table column and autowidth="true" makes Grid almost infinitely wide Bryan Forbes guest

Using a Wildcard asterisk in a table column for width and using autowidth="true" makes the Grid (or rather the width-wildcarded column) almost infinitely wide instead of as wide as the window/parent element.

Tried with the "Simple Grid Example":

For Screenshots and description, please see

#5627 wontfix Grid and dijit.form.CheckBox format error Bryan Forbes guest

Hi everyone,

I want to setup a grid with some columns displaying checkboxes. How you can see in the test_edit_dijit.html example file the checkbox aren't displayed correctly.

1- Le displayed background is even width as the column setting in place of 16px so you see more than one checkbox / radiobutton. 2- When the data is false or true, this is supposed to display a checkbox in place of the words false/true.

Best regards,


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