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#276 fixed RichText should offer an option to set focus onLoad alex [email protected]

currently, RichText? automatically sets focus onLoad. this may or may not be desirable, thus there should be an option to affect this behavior.

#277 fixed FloatingPane+descendants doesnt work in khtml alex fredrik j at bredband net

When the floatingpane is created, it creates a new LayoutPane? automatically. in LayoutPane?'s postCreate there is a call to:


When we are calling this we eventually end up in

obviously to find out if the computed style of our node.

The only problem is that the node is'nt appended to the dom yet as we just created the LayoutPane? from within FloatingPane?.

Gecko doesnt mind and returns a proper "empty" object, but khtml who is much more picky about dom faults returns null instead of an object. So when we try to call getPropertyValue on null object it bails out.

I managed to prevent it from bailing by doing a check if LayoutPanes? domNode is a desedant of the body node before doing a check if we are visible inside LayoutPane?'s postCreate.

Iam sure you will find a better way to get around this than I did.

Regards Fredrik Johansson

#278 fixed Typo in manual, in dojo.html anonymous drkm <[email protected]…>

In the usage section, there is the following statement:

dojo.requireIf("html, "*");

I guess it would be "html", with two double-quote characters.


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