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#5229 wontfix Support for alternate URL argument formatting Bryan Forbes guest

Currently, the content object passed to xhr[Get|Post] is formatted using ?'s, &'s and ='s, which is generally groovy.

However, in the case of a site which implements MVC style URL's, this isn't very friendly.

Rather than "?param1=value1&param2=value2", it would be useful to be able to have /'s used for each separator, ala "/param1/value1/param2/value2".

My particular case revolves around the use of, but I think that providing the solution at that level is really only a short-term solution.

I'm surprised this hasn't come up before... but I guess the fact that it hasn't may mean I'm a genuine minority. I do realize that this functionality can be implemented by simply eliminating the content argument and generating the full URL by hand, but I can't help but feel that that is a hackish solution.

#5250 wontfix does not work well with editors Bryan Forbes guest

I tried to get the grid to work with editors, and it threw an acception. I found out this was because it was using split(0) to copy the row. Since objects don't have a split method it raised an acception. Upon adding the function below to, the editor works normally, but the value in the grid does not change after editing. No exception was given.

copyRow: function(inRowIndex) {

var newRow = {};

var row = this.getRow(inRowIndex);

for (i in row) {

newRow[i] = row[i];

} return newRow;


#5276 fixed Calendar widget breaks at certain times Bryan Forbes guest

In dojo 1.0.1, a line in date.js's function causes the calendar widget to break at certain times of the day:


To reproduce the error, set the computer's time to 9:00AM and set the computer's timezone to (GMT +10:00) Brisbane, say. Now load up a calendar widget.

Here are the symptoms:
Try clicking the arrow to go to January on any calendar and it won't let you! Then try clicking back through the months the other way and it will skip November and any month with 30 days in it, and it will generally misbehave.

This happens in FF2 and IE.

removing the "UTC"s in that line (to match dojo 1.0.0) makes things work. ie.


The bug is reproducible at different time settings as well.
timezone: GMT +1:00, time: 00:10AM; timezone: GMT +2:00, time: 01:10AM etc.

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