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#15119 wontfix util/docscripts/generate.php parameter for modules directory and possibility for absolute paths Neil Roberts fbest

the generate.php should have a parameter where the /modules/ diretory is located. also the location = directive in * should have the possibilty to be a absolute path!!

#14655 fixed using tension="x" on a line chart might fail cjolif cjolif

When using a tension="x" on a line chart you might get the following exception:

p3 is undefined [Stopper sur une erreur]

var p1p3 = Math.sqrt((p3.x-p1.x)*(p3.x-p1.x)+(p3.y-p1.y)*(p3.y-p1.y));

The reproduce, in test_charts2d-amd.html search for tension="X" and put tension="x" instead.

#18919 fixed using latest closure compiler breaks build gerhard presser

using the latest build-tools packed with 1.12.rc2, when using closure-compiler, the dojo.js-result file breaks something in my app.

I get following error when loading just a simple page with a dijit/Button & dijit/ValidationTextBox

dojo.js.uncompressed.js:1287 Uncaught TypeError?: is not a function

at http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dijit/focus.js?en-us_9.0_1649267441663_Europe/Berlin:366:12 at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:473) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at ea (http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:19:184) at http://localhost:8001/wf/scripts/dojo/dojo.js:20:220

It seems that mixing the Stateful in doesn't work!?

I didn't change any content of the dojo.js layer.

This doesn't happen when using closureCompiler.js from the 1.11 release.

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