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#265 fixed [PATCH] Broken download link on dojo webset anonymous anonymous

The widget version download link has a typo. Patch fixes it.

#267 fixed Fix for HtmlDragMove when using setDragHandle() anonymous [email protected]

HtmlDragMove? doesn't work when using setDragHandle(). For example try to drag/move a 'window' div by it's 'titlebar' div. Only the title bar gets drag/moved.

Fix is- Change this: dojo.lang.extend(dojo.dnd.HtmlDragMoveSource?, {

onDragStart: function(){

return new dojo.dnd.HtmlDragMoveObject?(this.domNode, this.type);



to this: dojo.lang.extend(dojo.dnd.HtmlDragMoveSource?, {

onDragStart: function(){

return new dojo.dnd.HtmlDragMoveObject?(this.dragObject, this.type);



#268 fixed improvements to getWidget methods in widget manager sjmiles dylan

Some useful additions to the getWidget methods:

getWidgetsByFilter: add a second param that is a boolean, when set to true, it would just return the first widget that matches the unaryFunc (helps performance when you just want the first widget)... perhaps we also want a way to specify searching in reverse order of the widget list when using this.

getWidgetsByPropertyValue: a method with params propertyName, propertyValue, and a boolean... sort of like getting an element by css class, and the boolean would determine whether to return all or just one.



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