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#3005 fixed 0.9: XmlStore in dojox enhancement to setValues(); Jared Jurkiewicz Jared Jurkiewicz

0.9: XmlStore? in dojox enhancement to setValues();

Question raised in mail on setValues() on XmlStore?: In the XmlStore? code itself, in, it looks like setValues() is written to only handle the case where the attribute is "childNodes". Is there a need for that limitation, or would it be possible to make setValues() work for any arbitrary attribute? For example, in the unit tests that use the books.xml sample file, would it be possible to do something like this:

var book = store.newItem({tagName:'book'}); store.setValue(book, 'isbn', '0-13-110362-8'); store.setValue(book, 'title', 'The C Programming Language'); store.setValues(book, 'author', ['Kernighan', 'Ritchie']);

Yes, this is possible to support setting values such as these, and therefore the code will be enhanced to allow for it.

Note that if the attribute is really an XML attribute and not a sub-XML element, then it needs to just take and work with a single value array.

#3721 fixed 0.9: base,html.rtl tests fail on IE 6 Adam Peller Jared Jurkiewicz

PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html_rtl.html::t::coordsWithHorzScrollbar

_AssertFailure: [object Error]: assertEqual() failed: expected |0| but got82|

[object Error] ERROR IN: function eventClientXY(t){ IE only test if(dojo.isIE){ show vertical scrollbar dojo.byId("rect_vert").style.display = ""; var rect = dojo.byId("rect100"); var assertException = null; function rect_onclick(e){ move the rectangle to the mouse point = e.pageX + "px"; = e.pageY + "px"; window.alert("Do NOT move your mouse!!!

" + "The black rectangle's top-left point should be under the mouse point.

" + "If not, you will see a failure in the test report later.

" + "Now press the space bar, but do NOT move your mouse."); rect.fireEvent('ondblclick'); } function rect_ondblclick(){ test if the rectangle is really under the mouse point try{, event.offsetX);, event.offsetY); }catch (e){ allow the exception in a event handler go to the event firer assertException = e; } } dojo.connect(rect, "onclick", null, rect_onclick); dojo.connect(rect, "ondblclick", null, rect_ondblclick); window.alert("Move the mouse to anywhere in this page, and then press the space bar."); rect.fireEvent('onclick'); if(assertException != null){ throw assertException; } } }

FAILED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html_rtl.html::t::eventClientXY PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html_rtl.html

#3720 fixed 0.9: base.html tests fail on IE 6.0 Adam Peller Jared Jurkiewicz

PASSED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::isDescendant

[object Error] ERROR IN: function isDescendantIframe(t){ var bif = dojo.byId("blah"); bif.contentDocument.write(""); bif.contentDocument.close(); this test barely makes sense. disabling it for now. t.t(dojo.isDescendant(bif.contentDocument.getElementById("subDiv"), bif.parentNode)); var subDiv = bif.contentDocument.getElementById("subDiv"); t.t(dojo.isDescendant(subDiv, subDiv)); t.t(dojo.isDescendant(subDiv, subDiv.parentNode)); t.f(dojo.isDescendant(subDiv.parentNode, subDiv)); }

FAILED test: ../../dojo/tests/_base/html.html::t::isDescendantIframe

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