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#262 fixed make sure dojo.hostenv.* methods are deprecated James Burke Brian Douglas Skinner <[email protected]…>


dojo.hostenv.conditionalLoadModule() has been superceded by dojo.kwCompoundRequire(), but there doesn't seem to be a new replacement for dojo.hostenv.moduleLoaded()

possible tasks:

  • create a dojo.moduleLoaded() (or something like it) to replace dojo.hostenv.moduleLoaded()
  • mark dojo.hostenv.moduleLoaded() as dojo.deprecated()
  • mark dojo.hostenv.conditionalLoadModule() as dojo.deprecated()
  • make sure there aren't other dojo.hostenv.* that still need to be deprecated
#263 fixed Fisheye widget should allow captions to always be on anonymous anonymous

The FisheyeWidget? is great. However, it looks like it's currently only possible to show labels below items when the mouse is over an item. It would be great if you could always show a label below an item and have it simply hilight/expand (or have others disappear) when the mouse is over it.

#264 fixed dojo.raise() calls println() even when exception is caught Adam Peller Brian Douglas Skinner <[email protected]…>

dojo.raise() always calls dojo.hostenv.println("FATAL"), regardless of whether the exception is caught and squelched.

For example, if you do this, you still get a "FATAL" message:

  try {
  } catch (e) {
    tryAgian = true; // not fatal, so we squelch

Would it be better to do the println("FATAL") call in some top level error handler? For example, if dojo is running in a browser, it could set window.onerror=dojo.errorHandler(), which should only get called if the exception has not been caught and squelched.

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