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#18717 fixed exception calling getIeDocumentElementOffset() on IE11 bill dylan

I've received a report that is causing an issue within IE11, with the vague details of:

Error: Object doesn't support property or method 'getIeDocumentElementOffset'

The likely cause is that we need a feature test here, rather than a UA sniff. We should check this for IE11 and Edge.

#18716 invalid Json stringify doesn't handle unicode characters pdupless pdupless

Json stringify in the absence of the json object doesn't escape Unicode characters.

Unicode characters can be introduced when copying text into textarea fields from common applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

The addition of the code below to the declaration of the escapeString function would resolve the issue.

.replace(/[\u007f-\uffff]/g, function(c) { return '
u' + ('0000' + c.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)).slice(-4); });

#18715 fixed dijit/Editor on IE11 can't enter text if "Active Scripting" is disabled for the "Internet" zone in IE Bill Keese <[email protected]…> andiby

This is the same issue as #16633, but for IE11. For IE9 it was fixed with this condition in dijit/_editor/RichText:

if(has("ie") == 9){
        // On IE9, attach to document before setting the content, to avoid problem w/iframe running in
        // wrong security context, see #16633.
        ifr.src = s;
        // For other browsers, set src first, especially for IE6/7 where attaching first gives a warning on
        // https:// about "this page contains secure and insecure items, do you want to view both?"
        ifr.setAttribute('src', s);

In IE10 this issue does not happen. So when I add IE11 to the condition, it works for me in IE11 with http and https URLs:

if(has("ie") == 9 || has("trident") == 7"){
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