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#4402 fixed dojo._Animation delay param Bryan Forbes dante

the dojo._Animation pseudo-docs say delay: is a property you can mix in, though the normal practice is to set a delay in .play() ... setting a delay: attrib in any animation breaks the animation on mixin w/ animate property, though play(n) works fine.

seems like being able to mixin a delay specific to an _Animation (that won't have play(n) called on it) would be useful, eg:


dojo.fadeIn({ delay:500, duration:500, node: node }), dojo.fadeOut({ duration:1000, node:otherNode })

]).play(25); or, after 25ms, play the _Animations: one 1000ms/0delay, one 500ms/500ms delay

it appears as though the fix to combine rests in making this work, too: possibly returning a new _Animation rather than trying to attach the the 'first' animation, clobbering it's unique onEnds, etc. (resuable stored animations, timing, etc).

#4683 wontfix Turn off all fx, animations. Bryan Forbes davidb

Do we want a way of skipping animations via a flag or something?

Or maybe niftier... perhaps a way of 'styling' animations, allowing customization through css?

#4897 invalid [PATCH][cla] Add a model that can use a key from a dataset Bryan Forbes Bryan Forbes

I have attached a patch that adds I'm not sure if that's the best name for it, but it's what I could come up with. I know this will be useful because a lot of people will be looking for dojo.collections.Store-like functionality in the grid's model.

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