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#9157 patchwelcome DataGrid selection invalid after items removed Bryan Forbes djhutch

After removing selected items from a DataGrid? (by removing them from the data store), the selections are not cleared internally. I have implemented a simple fix to the _onDelete function locally that seems to correct this problem. The fix is in the attached DataGrid?.js file and marked with a FIX: comment.

#9160 patchwelcome RangeSlider: attr('value') has reversed return value in RTL mode bill

After initializing a RangeSlider with value="0,100" or similar, attr('value') should return [0,100]. However, in RTL mode it incorrectly returns [100,0].

A related bug is that attr('value', [0,100]) doesn't work correctly in RTL mode.

The cause of both bugs is that RangeSlider has the following code in postCreate():

this.value.sort(this._isReversed() ? sortReversed : sortForward);

Since _isReversed() is simply a flag for whether you are in RTL or LTR mode, that means that the value returned by attr('value') will change just because the computer is in RTL mode.

Of course, visualization details like RTL vs LTR shouldn't affect how the API operates.

Any normalization code should happen in _setValueAttr() rather than postMixInProperties(), and then maybe you could have a _getValueAttr() method too, although I wish/hope that none of this reversal code is needed.

BTW, since the values array always has exactly two values the above code can be written more simply as:

this.value = this. _isReversed() ? [ this.value[1], this.value[0] ] :
 [ this.value[0], this.value[1] ]
#9164 patchwelcome Create dojo.dnd.Source moveOnly flag Eugene Lazutkin Aleksey Rechinskiy


There is a copyOnly flag in dojo.dnd.Source which makes any node move within a container to initiate the node copy operation. If this flag is not set, the copy occurs only when ctrl key is pressed during a node move.

I would like to suggest to create a complimentary flag - moveOnly, which makes any node move operation a truly move and it doesn't matter if the ctrl (or any other key) is pressed.

I use dojo.dnd.Source as an ordered container for some user data and I need it to allow a move operation only, data copying mustn't happen in any case.

I know the problem can be easily solved by overriding copyState() function in Source- derived class, but with the simple moveOnly flag it wouldn't require any code writing at all.

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