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#18720 fixed Editor broken on Edge Bill Keese <[email protected]…> bill

For example, highlighting a word and then clicking the "bold" button doesn't work.

Also, in an empty editor, pressing the [123] icon correctly starts a numbered list, and things work fine typing the first item and hitting return, but then when you type the second item it inserts an extra newline, and then when you hit return it doesn't start a new item:

1. item 1
   item 2
   item 3

Also, when you hit the icon to center the current paragraph, it centers all the text. Tested on test_Editor.html

#18719 worksforme Unable to set cursor by mouse click in TextBox when it is inside of dnd/Source Eugene Lazutkin t.everding

Description: When you have dijit/form/TextBoxes inside of a dojo/dnd/Source it is not possible to set the cursor position inside a text via mouse click.


You can do a right-click in one of the text boxes to focus it and type text. A right-click also allows to change the cursor position. Left-clicks do not work.

If you disable the DnD Source (use the other DIV in the HTML) the mouse clicks work as expected.

Expected result: Mouse clicks have the same result independently of a surrounding dnd/Source.

#18718 invalid dojo enhancegrid 1.10 don't have getFilter setFilter methods ? Evan nileshn

Hello Team,

for 1.10 there are not methods called getFilter or setFilter for Enhancegrid. May i know are those removed ? and if yes is there is any alternatives which one can use to set filters through code ?

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