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#4239 fixed dojo.fx.slideTo calls getComputedStyle multiple times. Bryan Forbes jonu

slideTo called getComputedStyle multiple times, and sometimes when it didn't need the computed style at all.

We could improve the performance, probably.

dojo 0.9 - svn rev 10315

#4334 wontfix dojo 0.9: dojo.fx.wipeIn() and dojo.fx.wipeIn() cross browser issues Bryan Forbes guest

In order for a div to properly wipe in and out on various platforms I needed to set its display style to "block" in strategic locations. I'm aware (or rather I presume) that this prevents display:inline elements from being displayed properly, but afaik there is no way of reliably setting the height of an inline element anyway...

Patch (Works for me TM) attached.

Thanks in advance!

#4361 wontfix dojo.fx.slideTo destroys default alignment Bryan Forbes tk

Example can be found here:

Basically, if you click "Slide 1" the first div immediately jumps left (losing its alignement) and then slides...

note: the jumping occurs as soon as slideTo() is called, no need to .play() it even

Slide2 works fine, its positioned statically, no alignment... just to show the difference in behaviors.

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