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#11932 fixed validationMessages test does not run bill Katie Vance

The test /dijit/tests/form/robot/validationMessages does not run because textbox.focusNode.scrollIntoView() is called at the wrong time. It is called on each textbox once before any tests are run. That leaves the very last textbox scrolled into view when the tests start to run. Therefore, when the first test runs, it's texbox is actually not in view. The robot then clicks the title of the browser window instead of the first text box.

The failure can also be seen in Opera.

Attaching the patch.

#1783 wontfix validation widget parameters / api documentation anonymous bill

The valiation widgets deal with parameters in a strange way, overriding mixInProperties() rather than doing any necessary processing in postMixInProperties(). This makes the code hard to understand, overly wordy, and more importantly the API tool won't pick up the documentation for each widget parameter.

Need to use standard way to declare parameters (like all the other widgets)

#7577 fixed validation textbox: invalid text equivalent should be larger Becky Gibson Becky Gibson

In high contrast mode It is really hard to see the text equivalent (x) for the invalid icon in the validation textbox, it really should be close to the same size as the font (perhaps .75em)

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